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 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    February 25, 2015

Competing gaslines still exclude Valdez for now

The big news at the Capitol this past week was Gov. Bill Walker's gas line proposal, one that some legislators fear will create an atmosphere of uncertainty over efforts to bring Alaska's gas to market. The state has been pursuing a major liquefied...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    February 11, 2015

Budget woes not only issue concerning lawmakers

The budget continues to be a major focus for state lawmakers, who will be delving into Gov. Bill Walker's spending proposal for next year. Walker released details of his 2016 budget on Thursday. Even...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    January 28, 2015

Lawmakers grapple with deficits and voter mandates

The Alaska Legislature begins its first full week of work Monday after an intense start to the new session. The state has a new governor, Bill Walker. And his State of the State and State of the...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    January 21, 2015

Big questions weigh down on the Legislature

The big question to answer during the first days of the Legislature: How low will oil prices go? Plunging prices have contributed to massive budget deficits that cuts alone can't erase. Alaska has billions of dollars in its constitutional budget...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    January 14, 2015

Permanent Fund Dividend eyed for constitutional protection

An Anchorage lawmaker is proposing a constitutional amendment to further protect the Alaska Permanent Fund and the dividend that most Alaskans receiving simply for living here. The proposal, from Democratic Sen. Bill Wielechowski, was among the...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    December 10, 2014

How do you count Alaska's governors? It depends

Last week, Bill Walker became the 13th governor of Alaska. Or the 11th. Or 16th. Depends on how you count. As it turns out, the state of Alaska doesn't appear to have an official way of counting governors and their terms. Since statehood in 1959,...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    February 26, 2014

Electronic notices bill quashed - for now

JUNEAU-The sponsor of a bill that would allow municipalities to post certain public notices online rather than in newspapers said Tuesday that he asked that the bill be pulled from the House floor to protect his colleagues. “I wasn't going to put m...

 By BECKY BOHRER    Main News    November 6, 2013

Facebook: lawmakers give thumbs up

JUNEAU - State lawmakers on Wednesday adopted a policy that allows access to Facebook from legislative computers for government business. The Legislative Council, which is composed of members of the...