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 By NED ROZELL    Nature    November 14, 2018

Alaska chickadees are brainy birds

Alaska chickadees have proven themselves brainier than Colorado chickadees. A researcher at the University of California Davis once compared black-capped chickadees from Anchorage to chickadees from...

 By NED ROZELL    Nature    November 7, 2018

The humidification of the Arctic

Uma Bhatt remembers summers in Fairbanks when she could open a package of crackers, leave it unsealed, and find them in a near-identical state a few weeks later. Those crackers now seem to lose their...

 By NED ROZELL    Nature    October 31, 2018

When moths turn away moose

While most of Alaska has not felt too wintery till recently, 175,000 moose have noticed a change. As biologist Tom Seaton pointed out in last week's column, moose are now seeking out what amounts to a...

 By NED ROZELL    Nature    October 24, 2018

Three million pounds of frozen moose yearly

The magnificent creature was fooled by vocal plumbing - similar to its own but much smaller - imitating the groan of a receptive female. The bull moose grunted twice, then strode through spruce trees...

 By NED ROZELL    Nature    October 17, 2018

Serpentine Hot Springs stone points raise questions

Stone spear points from Serpentine Hot Springs on the Seward Peninsula hint that ancient people may have migrated northward between ice sheets from warmer parts of America, bringing their technology...

 By NED ROZELL    Nature    October 10, 2018

The dashed (and moving) line of the Arctic Circle

A friend and I just camped out at the Arctic Circle, about 200 miles north of where we live in Fairbanks. A dashed line on the map went right through our campsite. That line, the Arctic Circle,...


Opportunities make a fine Alaska career

On a November morning long ago, Jeff and Annette Freymueller were feeling the effects of the 1 a.m. flight that had carried them home, to end-of-the-line Fairbanks. There was no rush to get up on...


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