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By Lee Revis
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Police burn pills

Valdez turns in old medications


Valdez residents ridded its medicine chests of unused medications by way of the Valdez Police Dept. Saturday. The department held a joint DEA/Alaska Police Chiefs Association sponsored event that encouraged people to drop off unused, expired or unwanted medications for proper disposal.

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Fourteen pounds of pills and medications were dropped off at the Valdez Police Dept. Saturday during an event sponsored by the DEA which encouraged people to drop off old or unused medications.

“We got a total of 14 pounds of meds,” Lt. Dan Mott said after the event.

The medications could be turned in without question during the event that brought a variety of medications.

“We didn’t catalogue it or anything,” Mott said Monday afternoon, noting police have no record of the types of medications were deposited. “Just all kinds of pills.”

The DEA provided the medical bag and box to police and the medications were later incinerated according to police.

“I thought it was successful,” he said.


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