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Valdez Coasties in Nome

Three US Coast Guard Forces Valdez members were called to duty in Nome to patrol the security zone around the fuel hoses running from the Russian-flagged tanker Renda. The tanker was loading much-needed fuel across the ice of the Bering Sea to town. However, Master Chief Petty Officer Joe Rowe, Chief Warrant Officer Chris Gazey, and Chief Petty Officer James Mahoney were not patrolling the area by boat.

The three were patrolling the ice on snowmachines, while the tanker downloaded gasoline and diesel to Nome. Officials say it is the first time the landlocked northern town has received fuel during winter.

Gilson Teacher honored

Diane Huisingh, a favorite teacher at George Gilson Junior High School won cash and fresh fruit in an international online contest sponsored by Del Monte. Huisingh won $750 in cash and $250 in fresh Del Monte fruit for her classroom by writing an essay about how she would incorporate healthy eating messages into classroom lesson plans and collecting online votes from her fans according to a press release by the company.

Coast Guard reminders for boaters:

Photo courtesy of US Coast Guard

A trio of Coast Guard personnel from Valdez were assisting – by way of snowmachine - the enforcement of the safety zone around the Renda, the Russian-flagged tanker when it offloaded fuel oil in Nome.

The Coast Guard is reminding boat owners to keep boats shoveled and free of snow during recent Valdez snow events. These extra tips are passed on as a public service:

1. Remove snow and ice accumulation including keeping scuppers clear of blockage

2. Check shaft packing for excess leakage.

3. Perform routine checks for signs of loose or deteriorating planks on wooden hulled vessels.

4. Conduct a routine inspection of your automatic bilge pump.

5. Visually inspect all thru-hull fittings for damage or loose connections.

6. Remove all unnecessary fuel from your boat if you are planning to be away for an extended period of time.

7. Verify and update your contact information with the Valdez Small Boat Harbor.

8. Arrange reliable snow removal for both your boat and the finger pier which it occupies.


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