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By Lee Revis
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Makeup dates approved after school closure

Wellness Center at college reopens as snow damage fixed


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The Wellness Center at Prince William Sound Community College is slated to re-open after a structural beam was replaced above the gym. Maintenance man Ben Stolen and manager Amanda Hatton replaced a mat around a support Tuesday morning.

The Wellness Center at Prince William Sound Community College will open its doors at 5 a.m. Wednesday, February 1, said Doug Desorcie, college president.

The reopening of the center – essentially the town’s workout gym – is good news for its users and a relief to college staffers, who have been working around the closure that occurred when the structural integrity of a support beam inside the facility was called into question during the recent snow load emergency.

The newly replaced beam passed inspection Monday according to Desorcie.

“I’m getting ahold of staff,” now he said, to begin the process of putting the gym back into order after its brief closure.

Younger students in Valdez also received news about their schools.

Jacob Jensen, district superintendent received word from the state board of education regarding how students will make up days of classes they missed after snow loads forced the closure of all three Valdez City Schools.

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The roof at Hermon Hutchens Elementary School was so heavy in early January that officials closed all three district schools for several days. Students, parents and educators are just now learning how students will make up those lost school days.

Jensen released this statement Monday.

“The Valdez City School District has received verbal approval from the Deputy Commissioner of Education, Les Morse, to move forward with our plan to make up the days missed due to excessive snow loads for the Valdez City School District,” the statement said. “ Students at HHES will be attending a regular, full-day of school on Friday, February 10, as well as Monday, February 13, and also, Monday, April 16. Students at GJH and at VHS will be attending a regular, full-day of school on Monday February 13. Parent teacher conferences will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at all school sites. The Valdez City School District would like to say thank you to the entire City of Valdez for their help and patience during these extraordinary events. If there are any questions, please contact the Superintendent's Office or your child's school office for additional information. “


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