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Yoga studio opens for all skill levels

Founder says it’s the first of its kind in Valdez


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Leigh Lubin, founder of Yogacurrents, strikes a position outside the new studio. It is located in the former office of the Valdez Star on Galena Street.

The practice of yoga is nothing new to Valdez. For decades, classes have been held sporadically at Prince William Sound Community College, the Teen Center and other locations at various times. That all changed last week when Yogacurrents - studio dedicated to the practice of yoga - opened its doors on Galena Street.

The studio offers anyone in Valdez the chance “to move and grow,” according to founder, Leigh Lubin.

“There is a full schedule of yoga classes and some Pilates classes as well,” Lubin said while giving a brief tour of the studio.

Located in the former office space of the Valdez Star, the studio boasts individual dressing rooms, space for belongings and lots of open space.

“I teach two classes a week,” Meg McKinney, a face familiar to many in Valdez, said in a separate interview. She is looking to expand offerings as well, including the possibility of a prenatal class.

The practice of yoga in the U.S. has branched out in recent years to accommodate the varying needs of individual people and the studio in Valdez is no exception.

There are classes for beginners, private lessons, gentle yoga classes, yoga on a chair and “there is yoga for back pain,” Lubin said.

The studio can also be leased for private use such as yoga parties or other related events, she said.

Though its roots are traced back to ancient India, many modern practitioners tout its many benefits to the mind and body.

“ Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind,” the renowned Mayo Clinic’s website says, “helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.”

Valdez Star photo

Leigh Lubin, above, is the founder of Yogacurrents , the new yoga studio located at 313 Galena St.


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