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By Tony Gorman
For the Star 

Fireweed 400 champs repeat victories

Hundreds of bicycle racers speed through Valdez


Tony Gorman photo

Racers smile as they head towards the finish line during Saturday’s Fireweed 400 bicycle race.

The tenth annual Fireweed 400 brought 650 racers to Valdez from around the world last weekend to compete in several different bicycle race categories. But, the winner’s circles in the solo division were the same as last year. Palmer riders Erik Christensen and Kristen Wolf repeated as champions in the 400-mile race, which spans from the Sheep Mountain Lodge to Valdez and back.

Christensen turned in a time slower than last year. He crossed the finish line with a time of 26:42:33. Last year, he won the men’s solo time trial with a time of 23:42:39. Wolf was the lone racer in the women’s solo time trial. She managed to shed some minutes from her previous win, finishing this year’s course with a time of 25:11:51. Wolf won the race last year with a time of 25:34:25.

In the event’s largest category, no one broke any records in the 200-mile solo time trials. Peter Jackson won the men’s title with a time of 10:42:47. There were no entries in this year’s women’s solo time trial.

Other results:

400-mile 2-person Male

1. Superal Mitchell/Kim Kitteredge-27:13:03

400-mile 4-person Male

1. Connor Scher, Jacob Wahry, Keenan Brwonberger, Skyler Frank-21:53:57

400-mile 4-person Mixed

1. Louis Mass, Robin Smyth, Annette Cartier, and Shawn Wendling-24:53:29

2. Andrea Tesch, Carmen Thomas, Charlie Tesch, Diane Loopstra-26:49:50

3. Scott Goldsmith, Yvonne Goldsmith, Glenn Cravez, Pam Cravez-29:28:10

100-mile Time Trial Female

1. Laurel Bray-5:19:45

2. Emily Bodner-6:30:04

3. Joyce Jenkins-6:31:39

100-mile Time Trial Male

1. Dashiell Feierabend-4:55:04

2. Nathan van der Most-4:59:25

3. Tim Gravel-5:08:03

200-mile Tandem Female

1. Janice Tower and Darcy Davis-10:23:25

200-mile 2-person Female

1. Rose Theisen and Katherine Lindstrom-11:21:45

2. Elaina Hveding and Jenny Greeve-12:58:39

3. Laura Hilger and Patty Chase-13:05:47

200-mile 2-person Male

1. Erik Ostberg and Doug Shutte-8:41:11

2. Steve Clautice and Larry Hodges-10:49:46

3. Jamie Blom and Robbie Blom-11:17:12

200-mile 2-person Mixed

1. Macke Derrick and Laurie Derrick-10:19:39

2. Erica Betts and Joel Homan-10:30:01

3. Leah Ballard and Gene Till-10:50:26

200-mile 4-person Female

1. Colleen Franks, Tanya Kirk, Valerie Kirk, and Lori Deschamps-9:54:01

2. Marisa Rorabaugh, Becca Rorabaugh, Eliza Rorabaugh, and Kate Fitzgerald-9:58:12

Tony Gorman photo

Racers are happy to near the finish line Saturday during the Fireweed 400 races.

200-mile 4-person Male

1. Pat Terhune, David McPhetres, Riley Troyer, and Jonathan Koenig-8:42:45

2. Greg McDuffie, Tom Coolidge, Dan Thorsness, and Mark Burson-9:23:06

3. Andrew Kirk, Macky Franks, Shawn Aspelund, and Scott Digert-9:29:41

200-mile 4 Person Mixed

1. Logan Hanneman, Hanna Gillis, Karl Hanneman, and Marion Woods-9:21:14;

2. Madigan Stanley, Will Wright, Anson Moxness, and Rachelle Kanady-9:28:37;

3. Laura Gardner, Randall Kanady, Judy Kanady, and Rick Rogers-9:30:05


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