By Lee Revis
Editor, Valdez Star 

Complaint with feds filed against school district

No details regarding civil rights violation investigation released


Jacob Jensen, superintendent of Valdez City Schools, says the district will fully cooperate with an investigation by the Federal Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for the Dept. of Education after a complaint was filed with agency responsible for protecting groups and individuals from illegal discrimination and civil rights violations. The agency’s website says civil rights “protect you from unfair treatment or discrimination, because of your race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex (gender), or religion.”

No details have been released regarding who or what organization filed the complaint, the nature of the complaint or what part or parts of the district it claims committed the civil rights violation.

“Legally, I’m not allowed to say anything,” Jensen said shortly after issuing a press release Monday afternoon.

The press release was equally cryptic.

“The Valdez City School District has been informed that a complaint has been filed with the OCR for the Dept. of Education. OCR will now investigate the complaint,” the press release said. “The district has informed OCR that it will fully cooperate in the investigation. The district will not release the names of involved parties or details regarding the nature of the complaint at this time in recognition of applicable law and the confidentiality of the process.”

Jensen did point out that at this time, the complaint is just that, a complaint and OCR is obligated to investigate whether or not there is merit to the allegation or allegations of civil rights violations in the district.

“It just means they’re required to investigate,” Jensen said.


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