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By Lee Revis
Editor, Valdez Star 

Cops and robbers: who stole police light?

Reward offered after thief steals from cop car


A police investigation into the theft of tools from the city shop includes a missing light from a police car.

“There were some thefts over at the city shop,” Bill Comer, Valdez police chief said. “I don’t think the guys have much of a suspect yet.”

The items missing were specified in the police blotter issued by VPD to the Valdez media each week.

“The missing items are a black plastic case approximately 18”x18” with miscellaneous open wrenches, sockets, etc. one approximately 24”inch red right angle pipe wrench, an approximately 18” adjustable jaw wrench (Crescent) and a small wood handled sledge hammer,” the weekly press release said. “Also reported stolen was a flat LED light bar approximately 18” in length with clear white bulbs in the middle and blue and red bulbs on the ends.”

Comer said the lights were taken from a police vehicle that was slated to be decommissioned.

“They’re small, low profile lights,” he said, “Those were just targets of opportunity I think, just hanging outside the building.”

The items were reported missing by a city employee.

“I’ll pay a reward for good information,” leading to recovery of the stolen items and pinpointing a suspect, Comer said.

It’s as simple as calling the police and saying you wish to remain anonymous he said.

“Talk to an officer,” Comer advised. “They can contact us by email too.”

Non-emergency contact information to police is available at the city’s website


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