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Lyons resigns as Lady Bucs basketball coach

Longtime leader cites lack of support in anti-drug, booze efforts


I have coached girls’ basketball at Valdez High School for approximately 26 of my 30 years at the Valdez School District. I have enjoyed working with the girls and feel that we have developed a competitive basketball program.

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Barb Lyons is still coaching basketball at Gilson Middle School, but has resigned her coaching position with the Valdez High School Lady Buccaneers basketball team.

I do not feel I can continue to coach at VHS with the present climate at the school and in the community. I believe in making a commitment in sports and feel the use of drugs and alcohol has no place in athletics. I have always strived to teach my players they need to make a commitment to their sport and choose a drug free lifestyle. If you win games without following the rules it is a hollow victory.

Currently, underage drinking and use of illegal drugs seems to be the norm and not the exception to the rule. Athletes are unwilling to regulate their use, and to help each other to make good decisions. Parents seem unwilling to assist the coaches and the school to address the drug use and are actively trying to cover for their child, instead of making them accept responsibility and the consequences are little more than a slap on the hand.

So, I feel the Girls Varsity Basketball Program at Valdez High School needs to find another coach. I do not feleI can be a successful coach and have a successful program while fighting drug and alcohol use, athletes, and parents.

Barbara J. Lyons

Valdez City Schools Teacher/Coach


Reader Comments

curry writes:

What a big loss for the community and especially the students, and they don't even know it!!

bob writes:

Some sort of drug has always been around sports at VHS but it really must be getting bad if the coach resigns. I wonder if the change in the culture of many of the Valdez population has created the problems of parents covering for their kids?

jackofallnames writes:

Yep... this was a problem when I was playing basketball 96-2000 for VHS. Sad to see this is still the case, though not very surprising.


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