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Jensen will not seek new district contract

Superintendent leaving Valdez June 30, school board president says


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Steve Brockman, right, announced Jacob Jensen, left, will not seek a renewal of his contract with the school district, effectively ending the superintendent’s tenure at Valdez City Schools this coming June 30.

Jacob Jensen, superintendent of Valdez City Schools, will not seek a renewal of his current three-year contract with the school district according to the board of education president, Steve Brockman.

Brockman announced Jensen’s June 30 departure in the closing moments of Monday night’s regular school board meeting.

The timing of Jensen’s notice to the board is important, as the month of March, nationally, is the prime hiring season for educators and administrators. The late January notification will give the board two months time to begin and implement the hiring process, which can take several months time.

Jensen’s current contract pays him $130,000 annually, plus benefits.

The full text of Jensen’s letter dated January 28, 2013 that was addressed to Brockman and signed by Jensen follows.

“After three productive years as the Superintendent for the Valdez City Schools, I have decided that it is time to move on to new opportunities. Because of this decision, I am writing to notify you and the rest of the school board that I will not be seeking a new contract once this contract expires on June 30, 2013. I have greatly appreciated my time as Superintendent of the Valdez City Schools and I am proud of all of the good work we have accomplished together.

The School District employees and students have impressed me since the first time I arrived in Valdez. I can honestly say that I have never met such wonderful staff and students as I have in Valdez. I know there are challenges that remain to be faced in Valdez, but with the staff, administration, and the involved community members here, anything can be accomplished.

I am proud of the good relationships that we have jointly fostered with the City of Valdez and the City Council members. Together we have worked to address needed building inadequacies like a new roof for the high school, a new gym floor at the high school, new bleachers in the gym, renovated flooring at Hermon Hutchens, and a new HV AC system for Hermon Hutchens in June of this year. The City of Valdez has also helped us out when we faced insurance increases and budgetary shortfalls from the State. I am also proud of the way that the community has come together to finally build a new middle school after 10 years of planning! I am especially proud of the administrative team that I have assembled here in the district, I am confident that they will continue our excellent work after I have moved.

As you look towards a replacement, please know that I will continue to work with my staff to address the needs of the district. Valdez will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the location of my first Superintendency, as well as the birthplace for two of my four children. My family and I will miss our many friends and colleagues, and we hope to continue those friendships long into the future.”


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