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By Lee Revis
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Once a week curbside trash service coming

Week of February 11 is when change begins


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Residential curbside garbage can pickup in Valdez will be limited to once again beginning the week of Feb. 11. The solid waste department has begun an ad campaign to alert residents of the change to ensure residents are aware of their trash pick-up day.

Residential curbside garbage service will be reduced to once a week pickup beginning the week of February 11 according to city officials.

Larry Weaver, the city’s director of public works, say the solid waste department is doing all it can to make the transition easy for people, who are accustomed to twice a week service.

“We’re going to try to make it as painless as possible he said.

People can use multiple cans and the weight restriction on each can is a generous 70 pounds.

“There’s not a restriction on the number of cans,” Weaver said.

Weaver is also looking at ways the city code might be changed to help ensure that trash removal needs are met, such as allowing larger cans than the current code allows.

Weaver is also looking at ways to help elderly or disabled customers that may not be able to actually move trash cans to the curbside for pickup.

“We’ll work to accommodate that,” he said.

The addition of extra public use dumpsters is also in the works.

“We’re going to try to get more dumpsters around town,” he said.

There are currently 20 city owned dumpsters that are in the process of being refurbished for distribution around town to accommodate users that need additional trash disposal. The city’s baler facility is also open to the public Monday through Saturday during regular business hours and most residential trash is accepted free of charge.

Weaver proposed the reduction in curbside service during late 2012 during the city’s budget hearings. The move is not seen as a cost cutting measure. Its purpose is to allow the city’s solid waste workers to devote time to other needs, without hiring additional employees.

While Weaver said it is hoped the change will go off smoothly, there could be unintended glitches and the current plan could need tweaking. Or maybe not.

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Adding more public-use dumpsters is also part of the city’s plan to help residents adjust to once-a-week curbside garbage service.

“It’s a learning experience for all of us,” he said.

A city advertisement spells out which subdivision will be serviced on what day.

Route #3 Tuesday consists of the main in town area east of Hazelet to include Cottonwood Subdivision, Homestead Rd, Blueberry and Zook Loop Rd.

Route #2 Wednesday consists of outlying area’s 0 Mile, Aleutian, South Central, Corbin Creek, the Cabins at 3 mile, Robe River Subdivision, Alpine Woods


Route #1 Thursday consists of the remaining in town area west of Hazelet.


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