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By Lee Revis
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Arrest warrant leads to secondary bust

Police say man had large amounts of substances in condom, plastic bags


Valdez police arrested Timothy Miller, age 24, charging him with two felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance. Miller came to police attention after receiving a tip that Devon Totemoff, who had two outstanding Anchorage warrants, had been spotted in Valdez.

“Miller is being held on two counts,” Bill Comer, Valdez police chief said during an interview Monday. “The investigation is ongoing and they’re awaiting lab results.”

According to court documents, the tip said Totemoff had been spotted in a tan GMC Yukon at the Totem Inn parking lot. Officer Andrew Pritchett of the Valdez Police Dept. went to investigate and discovered Totemoff in the company of Miller, who was changing a tire on the vehicle.

Sgt. Kalen King, who accompanied Pritchett, arrested Totemoff. While searching Totemoff, King “discovered drug paraphernalia and observed what appeared to be other illegal substances…”

Police seized the Yukon and applied for a search warrant.

Charging documents state that while in police custody, Totemoff said she owned only two items in the vehicle, a purse and a suitcase. She also told police that she and Miller had arrived in Valdez only hours before her arrest and that the pair had spent the night in the Yukon.

While searching the vehicle after receiving the warrant, Pritchett’s sworn affidavit states he found - 1 clear plastic baggie containing 7.8 grams of a white powdery substance – 1 condom filled with a substance wrapped in tape weighing approximately 200 grams – 1 vacuum sealed, clear plastic wrap package filled with a white powdery substance weighting approximately 377 grams.

The baggie’s white powder field tested positive for methamphetamine and one pill, identified as hydrocodone, was found in Miller’s possession, netting the two felony charges.

The contents of the condom and vacuum sealed bag, along with the other suspicious items, have been sent to the state’s crime lab for in-depth testing.

Comer said the duct tape covered condom – and its contents – was “weird looking” and weighed just under half a pound.

He described the heavier package as the type “like you vacuum pack your fish in.”

It weighed in just under a full pound.

Both Totemoff and Miller were in Valdez jail as of Monday according to Comer. Both have $10,000 bail and third-party custodian requirements.

“It was a considerable bail,” Comer said of Totemoff’s warrants.

Police arrested Miller later Tuesday evening after he came to the police department to retrieve the Yukon, which is registered in his name.

“It was some good patrol work and follow up by Pritchett,” Comer said.

Police have declined to identify the type of substances they suspect were in the duct tape-wrapped condom and the vacuum sealed bag or if additional charges are expected.


Reader Comments

Valdezcitizen writes:

Hmmmmm. Kinda odd that they got 10,000.00 bail w 3 rd party for 2 felony counts yet recently there was an arrest on 23 felony counts n the bail was just 5,000.00. Seems to me that there is something fishy goin on. This judge should seriously be looked into. RIDICULOUS!! He is mocking the system and showing favortism. Complete nonsense!! We all sit around like little sheep n let him completely mock us all. Very Sad. Noone has a voice anymore.


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