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By Lee Revis
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Kidnap with intent to murder charges say

Huff charged with multiple felonies after standoff with police


Valdez man Nicholas Huff was arrested by Anchorage police last Wednesday following his release from Alaska Native Medical Center where he had been hospitalized since April 22, receiving treatment for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Huff had been in an armed standoff with Valdez police before shooting himself in the chest after officers attempted to contact him in connection with a domestic violence complaint.

Huff’s was arrested on a $50,000 Valdez warrant after police filed two felony and one misdemeanor count against the 27-year old, including attempted murder and kidnapping with the intent to murder and violating a domestic violence restraining order.

According to police, Huff was later indicted by the Palmer grand jury May 2 and charged with 16 felony and eight misdemeanor counts stemming from the violent episode.

Huff came to the attention of Valdez police after a 911 caller said a badly beaten woman was in need of assistance at the Eagle’s Rest Apartments around Mile 4 of the Richardson Highway.

Charging documents say the domestic violence victim told police she was approached by a masked gunman in the driveway of her home in Robe River Subdivision in the early morning of April 22. The victim described a man wearing a black beanie hat, black trench coat and a white bandana around his face, who banged on her drivers side window, demanding she open the door. When she tried to flee the scene, the man shot at her through the window before making his way into the vehicle, pushing her aside with a “pistol whip” to the face.

The victim told police it was during the first struggle she recognized her attacker as Huff, whom she had a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting her in any way.

Huff commandeered the vehicle with the victim inside and continued to threaten her with a gun. While heading toward the Richardson Highway, a second shot was fired in the vehicle as the victim resisted Huff in one of several struggles during the ordeal.

The police complaint said the victim said “she thought she was going to die.”

Huff drove the vehicle outbound on the Richardson Highway to the Alpine Woods subdivision, where he continued to struggle and threaten the victim with death while he was driving an estimated 90 miles per hour.

When Huff arrived at his parents’ home where he lived on Chalet Dr., he forced the victim into the house at gunpoint, where she told police she saw a “good bye” note which also stated “cops don’t come inside.”

The victim attempted an escape and ran out of the Huff residence to a house across the street, but the door was locked and no one answered the door.

Huff allegedly followed the victim and slammed her head into the door before throwing her off the porch by her hair and then forcing her back to his home across the street.

After reentering the home, police say he pulled a shotgun on the victim asking if she “wants to feel this.”

He then forced the victim to shower, telling her his plan is to watch the movie “Corpse Bride,” have sex and then kill her.

While he was watching the movie, the victim talked Huff into letting her go.

She convinced him she’s cover up his acts of violence by claiming to have been in a car wreck.

The two left the house, and the victim asked Huff to retrieve her cell phone from the yard, where he’d tossed the phone earlier in the abduction. Huff got stuck in some snow and the victim made a run for her car, which was parked two driveways down from the Huff residence. Huff allegedly gave chase but she was able to get away.

When police arrived to confront Huff, after the victim hid her car at the Eagle’s Rest apartments about six miles away from the scene, he admitted by phone that he’d shot at the victim, violated the restraining order and had verbally threatened her life.

Police attempted to negotiate a surrender by phone after establishing a perimeter around the home, blocking public entrance on Chalet Dr. At around 11:20, a shot was fired from inside the residence; Huff told police it was a “warning shot.”

At 12:29 p.m., police say Huff shot himself in the chest - missing his vital organs – before he was subdued by police and transported to the hospital in Valdez. He was later sent on a medical flight to Anchorage.

Police retrieved spent bullets and broken glass from the victims’ car and home driveway; Huff’s `98 Ford Ranger was found behind a nearby snow bank. After receiving proper search warrants, police seized a Colt .380 handgun from the Chalet Dr residence, along with a 20 gauge shotgun and other evidence, including blood from the shower.

Huff was formally arraigned on charges in Valdez court early Monday morning.

Allegations made by police in formal charging documents allege:

Kidnapping - HUFF restrained (the victim) with the intent to murder her, causing her both physical injury as well as fear of serious physical injury.

Attempted Murder 2nd - HUFF admittedly intended to have sex with and then kill (the victim), taking substantial steps to so, after already having committed the crime of Kidnapping.

Violating a DVPO - HUFF knowingly committed an act with reckless disregard that the act violated a “DVPO.”


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