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By Lee Revis
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Archway design for Egan Dr. nears completion

Council grills city manager to ensure structure is weather worthy


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A proposed rendering of the welcome arch was presented to the city council Monday, a piece of the city's long-running beautification efforts

Design plans for enhancements to Egan Dr. are moving towards completion.

Monday night, the council approved an amendment, at a cost of $53,000, to the design that will bring the project to 100 percent completion.

Before passage, council members questioned John Hozey, city manager, about construction materials to be used in the welcome archway that is planned to span the road into town.

"If it comes down on some vehicle, we will be liable for it," Mike Wells, council member said when beginning discussions on the design. "It has to be able to take some pretty severe weather."

Hozey said the design calls for a hard mesh, which will allow wind to pass through the structure. City personnel involved in the project added details.

While the welcome archway was front and center in council discussions, the design of the enhancement project has been underway with other features, with the goal of improving the esthetics of Egan Dr.

"This project includes intersection upgrades, new street and pedestrian lighting, small

pocket plazas, and a welcome arch," the agenda statement to council said. "The Task Force is working aggressively with the design team to try and make the 2015 construction season, but there is still a fair amount of work to do and not a lot of time left to do it."

The enhancement is the first of many projects on the table of the Mayor's Beautification Task Force.

"The most challenging piece to coordinate has been the welcome arch, as it requires

approval of ADOT," Hozey said in the agenda statement. "We therefore needed to lean a little further ahead on that portion of the work to keep forward progress. As such Administration has already approved a separate amendment for $16,500 to move just that part of the project to 100 percent. Therefore the total cost for advancing the project to final design is $69,500 ($53,000 +$16,500)."

The amendment was passed unanimously.


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