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By Lee Revis
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No injuries in alcohol related crash

Parents of driver consented to message by wrecked SUV


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The parents of the driver of this vehicle worked with Valdez police last week to bring this message to drivers.

A Valdez woman walked away from a single-vehicle rollover last week that police say was alcohol related.

"It was a one vehicle accident," Valdez Police Chief Bill Comer said in an interview Monday, "the driver was intoxicated."

The vehicle, a late-model SUV, sat on the shoulder of one of the turnouts on the Duck Flats over the weekend with a large electronic roadside sign stating "Please don't drink and drive."

"That was our officers, they actually had that sign put up," Comer said, with the cooperation of the parents of the driver. "We're just real appreciative of the parents."

Comer declined to name the parents or the driver involved in the incident.

"It was a positive thing," he said, "and hopefully a positive message."

While police did not divulge details of the vehicle's ownership, court records say 19 year old Daniela Prinz-Pineda was arrested late in the evening of Nov. 13 after police dispatch received a report that a vehicle had rolled over near the intersection of the Richardson Highway and Mineral Creek Loop Rd.

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The driver of this vehicle walked away without injuries according to Valdez police.

Charging documents say Officer Andrew Pritchett of the Valdez Police Dept. arrived on the scene and observed the vehicle upside-down in the tide flats and interviewed Princz-Pineda who he claims was standing near the vehicle "with fresh mud on her boots and clothing."

She was the sole occupant of the vehicle, which was totaled.

Princz-Pineda was charged with DUI, reckless driving and minor consuming alcohol, second offence. She was released from jail Friday under a $1,000 cash bond. Arraignment is slated for Dec. 18.

Online court records state Princz-Pineda was charged last May with a single count of minor consuming/possessing alcohol. She pleaded guilty and was on one year's unsupervised probation at the time of Thursday's accident.


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