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Kidnap, attempted murder trial delayed in Valdez

Two-year old case had been slated to begin next Monday in superior court


The trial of a Valdez man accused of kidnap and attempted murder for a 2013 incident was slated to begin Monday.

Alaska Courtview, the state website that tracks court activity later listed the date as "calendared in error."

The actual date of the trial was unclear as of Tuesday morning.

Nicholas Huff, age 29, was set to go to trial Feb. 2 in Valdez court under indictment for 23 felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from an incident where police say he abducted and intended to murder a former girlfriend in April of 2013.

The case has lingered in court since that time and several lesser charges against Huff have been dismissed by the state's prosecuting attorney.

Huff was arrested in Anchorage in May of 2013 for the April incident after he was released from a hospital after receiving treatment for what police said was a self-inflicted gunshot wound suffered after an armed standoff with police in his Alpine Woods home.

He has been jailed since the incident.

Huff came to the attention of Valdez police in April after a 911 caller said a badly beaten woman was in need of assistance at the Eagle's Rest Apartments around Mile 4 of the Richardson Highway.

Charging documents say the domestic violence victim told police she was approached by a masked gunman in the driveway of her home in Robe River Subdivision. At the time, police said the victim was pistol whipped, and at least two shots were fired during the initial kidnapping.

The victim was taken to Huff's home after a significant struggle charging documents say.

The police complaint said the victim said "she thought she was going to die."

He then forced the victim to shower, telling her his plan is to watch the movie "Corpse Bride," have sex and then kill her.

While he was watching the movie, the victim talked Huff into letting her go.

She convinced him she'd cover up his acts of violence by claiming to have been in a car wreck.

The victim later got away but did not contact police. A witness who spotted the badly beaten victim made the initial contact with police according to reports at the time of the incident.

When police arrived to confront Huff, they say he admitted by phone that he'd shot at the victim, violated the restraining order and had verbally threatened her life.

Police attempted to negotiate a surrender by phone after establishing a perimeter around the home, blocking public entrance on Chalet Dr. A shot was fired from inside the residence during the standoff and police said Huff told them it was a "warning shot."

Police say Huff shot himself in the chest - missing his vital organs – before he was subdued and transported to the hospital in Valdez. He was later sent on a medical flight to Anchorage.

Valdez Star file photo

Valdez police during Nick Huff's April 2013 standoff in Alpine Woods.


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