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By Lee Revis
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No candidates filed yet for municipal elections

City clerk says time is running out to run for school board and council


The list of candidates running for the board of education and city council this May is empty.

"Nobody's picked up any packets yet," City clerk Sheri Pierce said in an interview Monday afternoon. "They better start doing that."

Midway into the filing period to run for elected seats in the municipal elections, the field of candidates is non-existent.

This year is the first time Valdez elections will be held in May instead of October, and so far, there has been little interest from the public or from board and council members whose terms are expiring that are eligible to run for office again.

There are three two-year terms for city council up for election, and two three-year terms for the board of education.

The deadline to file a nominating petition for council or school board is Monday, March 16 at 5 p.m.

To become an official candidate on the ballot, a potential candidate must pick up a nominating petition in person from the city clerk's office during regular business hours.

The petition must be returned by the deadline with the signatures of 25 people who are registered to vote in Valdez.

Qualifications to run for office are minimal. A potential candidate must have lived in Valdez for one year prior to the election and be registered to vote.

Council members Dennis Fleming, Mike Wells and Ruth Knight currently hold seats that will expire in May.

School board members Dolores Gard and Dr. Kathy Todd's terms are set to expire in the upcoming election.

According to Pierce, current council and board members will be obligated to retain their current elected positions in the event no qualified candidates run for the seats they currently hold.

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Valdez voters will hit the polls for the municipal elections in May this year, instead of October.

The Valdez City Council changed the election dates from October to May in an effort to help new board and council members gain experience in elected office before they are tasked with tackling budget hearings. When elections were held in October, newly elected council members were challenged with making multi-million dollar budget decisions with little or no experience under their belts.

Another important deadline is looming for voters. April 5 is last day for voters to update their registration or become registered to vote in the May elections.

Anyone hoping to run for public office or with questions regarding the upcoming election is urged to contact the city clerk's office.

Information on contacting the clerk's office, and other election information can be found in a public notice on this page.


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