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By Lee Revis
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Harbor construction meetings not public Wegner says

Council member's invitation to sit in on meeting between players unwelcome


A Wednesday meeting between city administration, contractors and other players in the new harbor construction project is not open to the public according to the acting city manager.

Acting city manager Todd Wegner told council members that the meetings, held at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays at council chambers, are not open to the public.

Wegner's statement came after council member Nate Smith announced during Monday night's regular meeting that the weekly gathering was open to the public and he encouraged the public to drop in for updates on the project.

Steve Revis photo

The removal of Hotel Hill that is part of the city's new harbor project sparked conversation regarding truck inspections during Monday night's city council meeting.

"You can come in and listen and find information on the project," Smith said during the meeting.

Not so fast, Wegner later said.

"I don't consider that a public meeting," he said after Smith's announcement.

He explained that Smith had been invited to one of the construction meetings last week as a courtesy to a council member and was later surprised when members of the public also arrived.

He said members of the public were later asked to leave the meeting and in the future would not be allowed to attend it.


Reader Comments

Bob writes:

With Hotel Hill gone expect higher winds during the winter in town. The hill helped funnel some of the wind down the arm but now its got a straight shot into town.


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