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Legal Notices


City of Valdez

Request for Proposals

Date: June 25, 2015


A. Overview

The purpose of this document is to solicit proposals from Avaya telephone system suppliers and installers for the replacement of the Providence Valdez Medical Center telephone system, and its related amenities.

B. Requirements for Statement of Qualifications

A detailed description of the requirements is included in section II.

C. Submissions and Inquiries

Valdez encourages disadvantaged, minority and women-owned consultant firms to respond. Submit four (4) copies to:

City of Valdez, Alaska, Director of Capital Facilities

PO Box 307

Valdez, AK 99686

Proposals will be accepted until: July 10, 2015 at 4 pm local time.

Any questions regarding this project should be directed to Dean Day, Capital Facilities Director, at , (907) 835-5478 x 1.

USDA Forest Service

Chugach National Forest, Alaska Region

Cordova Ranger District

Public Scoping Notice

The Cordova Ranger District is reviewing a proposal (Port Gravina Quarry Project) from Chugach Alaska Corporation (CAC) to access and develop the subsurface mineral estate near Secret Cove in Port Gravina. The Chugach National Forest is the steward of the surface estate and Chugach Alaska Corporation owns the subsurface mineral estate and has a right to access and develop the mineral estate.

The Forest Service will evaluate the proposed action and use of the surface estate at the project location, including effects on the environment. The Forest Service will determine whether the operations are consistent with the Chugach Forest Land and Resource Management Plan. If the proposed operating plan is not consistent with the Forest Plan, the proposed action may include a Forest Plan amendment.

The operating plan includes construction and maintenance of an access road, two stone quarry sites and two work pads, a temporary dock for project development, a permanent dock for operations, a lay down area, and a camp (located on adjacent CAC lands). Approximately 80 acres of National Forest System surface lands could be directly affected by this project.

The project would occur on lands designated in the Forest Plan as an Exxon Valdez oil spill Acquired Lands Management Area (221). These lands are also within the Fidalgo-Gravina Inventoried Roadless Area. The Forest Service will evaluate the effects of the proposal on surface lands it manages and consider cumulative effects for the entire proposal. CAC will apply to other agencies for necessary permits outside Forest Service authority.

More detailed information, including maps and the proposed operating plan, is posted on the Chugach National Forest website at:

The Forest Service is seeking input from the public to gather information and identify specific issues and concerns associated with this proposal as it relates to Chugach National Forest management. When providing comments, please be specific to the proposal and area described in this notice. Comments must be received by August 3, 2015 in order to be considered timely under the objections regulations (36 CFR 218). For additional information about this project and/or to submit comments by email, please contact Steve Hohensee, Chugach Forest Geologist, at 907-288-7723 or by email at Comments may also be submitted by postal mail to:

Robert Skorkowsky, District Ranger

P. O. Box 280

Cordova, Alaska 99574


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