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By Lee Revis

Online economic climate survey ready for business

Company hired by city is looking for information from all sectors


An online survey for businesses and nonprofit organizations in Valdez was activated Monday, in hopes of gleaning important information about the local economy that is unavailable through traditional channels.

"We want everybody to respond," said Barbara Sheinberg of Sheinberg Associates, the consulting firm hired by the city's newly formed Economic Diversification Commission to help guide the group in identifying what is and is not working in the Valdez business community.

"We have been gathering a lot of local economic data," she said. "The survey will help them pair it with official federal and state economic data."

Sheinberg said it is hoped that large entities, such as Alyeska, respond, as well as those who sell products such as Avon or who run small businesses from their homes.

"There's people who sell art on the side," she noted. "They're almost invisible."

Sheinberg said these types of businesses are just as important as larger employers such as the hospital or smaller mom and pop businesses. It is hoped the survey will help the commission identify obstacles businesses encounter, as well as getting a feel for what is working well in the economy.

"It can be pretty eye-opening," she said of such surveys. "We want everybody to respond."

Survey responses will be confidential according to Sheinberg.

"Answers will only be seen by Sheinberg data processing staff, and will be combined for reporting purposes," a press release from Sheinberg Associates said. "The survey results will provide critical assistance as the City of Valdez works to measure local economic activity and stimulate economic development. This information is not available from any other source."

The survey is not a scientific poll that can accurately measure data and statistics with pinpoint accuracy.

Sheinberg Associates survey

The opening page of the survey for Valdez businesses and nonprofit organizations.

What it can do is help Sheinberg Associates and the economic commission identify what is on the minds of the businesses and organizations that do respond.

"What are the trends," Sheinberg asked, "what are we seeing here."

The survey can be found online at or through a link on the city's website at

"Don't put it off," Sheinberg said. "Click this, like now."

The survey will be active through Sunday, September 20.


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