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Police Report


(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Suspicious Person: A caller reported an individual with a flash light was outside of a neighbor’s residence and no one appeared to be home. Upon officer’s arrival, it was determined they were just walking their dog.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual after the caller had seen a former acquaintance entering her apartment. Officers were unable to make contact with either individual.

Fraud: Several callers reported receiving phone calls from an individual requesting $500.00 to claim a 1.5 million dollar prize. An officer notified them not to give out any further information if future calls were received.

Public Assistance: An officer assisted an elderly woman who fell and could not get up. It was determined medical attention was not needed after the fall.

Missing Person: A Juneau agency reported an overdue float plane that left the area yesterday and hadn’t returned to Valdez. After officers searched the Valdez area, the agency later called back and notified that they had been found safe.


Traffic Hazard: An abandoned four-wheeler was reported in the middle of a roadway impeding traffic. Officer’s determined the ATV had rolled out of the back of the owner’s vehicle, and they were notified to pick it up.

Reckless Driving: A black Honda Accord was reportedly passing vehicles unsafely at an excessive rate of speed. Officers were unable to locate a vehicle matching the description given.

Truancy: A local school requested officer’s assistance locating a student who had been absent for the past nine days. This case is currently under investigation.

Trespassing: A local business reported having issues with a disruptive and disrespectful individual who had already been trespassed from the premises. An officer contacted the individual who was issued a trespassing warning.

Animal at Large: A pit-bull was reportedly at large on the football field. The Animal Control Officer removed the dog from the field.

Violation of Protective Order: An individual had reportedly violated an active Domestic Violence Protective Order by driving within close proximity to the victim’s residence. Officer’s then spoke with the individual and was warned not to be on that street for the duration of the order.


Agency Assistance: A VPD officer responded and assisted an Alaska State Trooper and the DEC with a mail truck that had gone off the road at Mile 27 of the Richardson Highway.

Lost Property: A black Iphone 5 and a set of keys were reportedly lost in a local business. If found, please turn into the Police Department.

Suspicious Person: A caller reported a suspicious man followed her young daughter while she was walking to a relative’s house. This case is currently under investigation.

Abandoned Vehicle: Multiple callers reported an abandoned vehicle submerged with water in a river. Officer’s made contact with the owner of the vehicle who was working on a plan to get it out of the water.


Found Property: An Alaska Drivers License was turned into the Police Department. Please call with descriptors to claim.

Public Service: The Animal Control Officer gave a presentation to a Kindergarten class at the Animal Shelter.

Found Property: A blood pressure monitor was found in the parking lot of a local business. If yours, call the Police Department to claim.

Animal Information: A caller reported an injured cat nearby her residence. The Animal Control Officer took the cat to the veterinary clinic, where it was determined the injuries were extensive and it had to be put down.

Theft Information: A set of wood chimes that were reportedly stolen about a month ago were found at another residence by the owner. After speaking with the owner, an officer seized the chimes. This case is currently under investigation.

Arrested: Mathew Lee Russell, DOB 05/18/1990 of Valdez, was arrested on the charge of Violation of Custodian Duties, after failing to immediately notify law enforcement that his assigned third party was no longer in his custody.

Arrested: Blayne Everlie Joseph, DOB 02/17/1984 of Valdez, was arrested on three counts of Violating Conditions of Release after she reported she was not in the presence of her court ordered third party custodian.

Arrested: Nicholas Shaen Lynn Mills, DOB 06/03/1987 of Valdez, was arrested on a Valdez Warrant for Domestic Violence Assault in the Fourth Degree, Interfering With the Report of a Domestic Violence Crime, and Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree.

Disturbance: A caller reported a physical altercation had occurred between her manager and her son. Upon officer’s arrival, it was determined the argument was verbal only. No further incidences were reported.


Arrested: Justin Wayne Bedford, DOB 03/14/1972 of Valdez, was arrested on the charge of Driving Under the Influence after providing a BrAC of .107.

Bicycle Theft: A bicycle was reportedly stolen sometime the previous night from outside of a residence. This case is currently under investigation.

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on a family member he hadn’t been able to contact in a couple of months. An officer contacted the individual who was determined to be fine and he agreed to call his family.

Medical Assistance: An officer responded when requested by medical personnel to assist with a patient.

Disorderly Conduct: An irate individual, screaming and waving an American flag in the middle of the roadway, was reported by multiple callers. Officer’s contacted the individual and gave him a warning for disorderly conduct.

Agency Assistance: The Alcohol Beverage Control Board requested an officer’s assistance serving papers to indefinitely suspend the liquor license of two local bars.

Oil Spill: An approximately 50 gallon oil spill was reported to have occurred on terminal. Clean up was in progress at the time of the call.

Harassment: A caller reported she had been continuously harassed by former acquaintances that live out of state via social media for the past year. This case is currently under investigation.

Traffic Complaint: A green station wagon was reportedly swerving across the yellow line while driving on the highway. Officer’s made contact with the driver of the vehicle who was determined not to be impaired.

Harassment: A parent requested to speak with an officer regarding her daughter who was harassed by an adult individual on several occasions. This case is currently under investigation.

Noise Disturbance: A caller reported loud music coming from a neighbor’s residence. Upon officer’s arrival, no noise was heard.


Animal at Large: A dog was reportedly at large on the lawn of the Catholic Church. Officers were unable to locate a dog in the area matching the description given.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on a toddler walking down the sidewalk with no parent or guardian supervision. An officer located the child, and walked him back to his nearby residence to reunite him with his parents.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: An intoxicated male attempting to ride a bike alongside the roadway was reported. The caller stated he had crashed several times within a short distance. After Officer’s witnessed the individual crash once again, they provided him transportation to a nearby residence.

Fish & Game: A caller reported shooting a sublegal bull moose in an area outside of Valdez. Officers assisted an Alaska State Trooper seize the moose from the residence which was then donated to charity.

Medical Assistance: An officer assisted medical personnel with an intoxicated individual who had fallen and hit her head.


Intoxicated Pedestrian: An officer contacted an intoxicated individual lying on the ground and several other individuals attempting to help him up. The officer assisted the others in getting him out of the roadway and he went on his way.

Bear Incident: A dead bear was reported alongside the roadway. Officer’s removed the bear from the area and disposed of it properly.

Animal at Large: Multiple callers reported a pig running down the middle of the highway. After a failed attempt of getting it in a patrol car, an officer managed to lure the pig back to its residence with fruit snacks.

Medical Assistance: Officers assisted medical personnel with an individual whose leg was trapped under a log.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 118


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