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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Agency Assistance: Alaska State Troopers requested the Valdez Police Department to assist them in serving a subpoena. Officers located the person and they were served.

Animal DOA: The Valdez Museum reported two dead rabbits on the front yard. The Animal Control Officer responded and picked up the rabbits.

Theft of Property: A caller reported a handgun stolen from his garage. This case is currently under investigation.

Alarm – Fire: Guardian Security reported a fire alarm at SERVS. The fire alarm was activated in a back room where they were drying their boots. No fire; the alarm was reset.

Agency Assistance: A caller requested to speak to an Officer about a theft that occurred in the Squirrel Creek area. An Officer spoke to the complainant regarding the incident.

Stop FI: While on patrol an Officer checked on two vehicles in the Safeway parking lot. A guy appeared to be carrying a rifle to another vehicle. Upon investigating the Officer found out they were getting ready to go hunting.

Arrest Warrant: Michael G. Holland, DOB 11/22/1967, of Valdez was arrested on an outstanding $500.00 Valdez PD arrest warrant charging: Assault 4th degree.

Smoke Present, no Flames: An anonymous caller reported smoke coming from a residence, no flames are visible. An Officer responded and found out the smoke was coming from a woodstove. Everything was fine.


DUI: Will R. Wardlaw II, DOB 11/08/1981, of Valdez was arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Driving While License Revoked /Suspended. He registered a breath-alcohol content of .145 at the time of arrest.

Traffic Hazard: A report of a wooden structure in the road by the DOT office causing a traffic hazard was received. An Officer responded to the area and removed the traffic hazard.

Found Property: A person found a rifle scope in the bushes. An Officer went to the location and picked up the property. If you have lost a rifle scope please call the Valdez Police department with further descriptors to claim.

General Contact: While on patrol an Officer was flagged down outside of the Cordova Hall. The complainant wanted to bring his daughter to the Police station for a tour next week.

Controlled Substance Problem: A caller requested to speak to an Officer regarding high traffic to her neighbor’s residence in the past two weeks. Believed it to be drug related. This case is currently under investigation.

ATV: Two kids, who looked to be about 12-years old were riding a 4-wheeler next to a sign that read “no motorized vehicles in the area” down Mineral Creek area. An Officer responded to the area and contacted the kids and gave them both warnings to not go on the ski trails or on city streets.

General Contact: A caller requested to speak to an officer about possible video footage taken by her ex-boyfriend of her without permission. This case is currently under investigation.

Sound of Shots Fired: A report of hearing approximately 10 gunshots in the Whispering Spruce or Wilderness Lane area was reported. Officers responded to the area and found that the noise was roman candles being fired off. The Officers spoke to the person who was firing the roman candles and told him to cease and desist. The person complied.

Warrant Arrest: Ricky Paul McCain, DOB 11/09/1962, of Valdez was arrested on an outstanding $250.00 Valdez PD warrant for Failure to Appear for Calendar Call on an original charge of DUI.

Traffic Hazard: A caller reported hitting something in the road with his motorcycle on the tide flats. An Officer responded to the area and found a piece of plywood by Mineral Creek Loop Road.


Welfare Check: Officers conducted a welfare check on an individual who was reported injured in a domestic assault. Officers determined that the subject was in Tok and no welfare check was needed.

Animal at Large: A report of a black lab puppy crossing the street was received. An Officer responded to the area but the puppy had left the scene.

Arrested: Blayne Everlie Joseph, DOB 2/17/1984, of Valdez was charged while already in custody for Unlawful Contact 1st Degree, Violate Conditions – for Felony, Violate Conditions – Misdemeanor X3.

Arrest Warrant: Tisha Dee Watts, DOB 6/30/1982, of Valdez was arrested on outstanding $5000.00 Valdez warrant charging: Assault 3rd Degree, Reckless Endangerment and DUI.

Disturbance Noise: A report of a light colored suburban playing their music really loud was received. An Officer responded to the area and spoke with the owner of the vehicle and asked him to turn down the music and he complied.

Agency Assistance: Palmer Adult Probation requested Valdez Police Department assistance with home visits.

Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported a vehicle swerving on West Klutina before parking at a residence. An Officer contacted the driver and determined that no alcohol was involved.


ALICE Training: ALICE training was provided for Valdez City Schools by an Officer.

Concealment of Merchandise: A Safeway employee reported he had two juveniles in the office who were caught stealing merchandise. An Officer responded to investigate the incident.

Drill: CVEA Hydro conducted a drill and requested dispatch to notify appropriate agencies.

Theft of Bicycle: A report of bicycle theft occurred at Gilson Middle School. The bicycle was recovered at Eagle Quality Center.

Agency Assistance: A third party reported a vehicle with a busted drive line that had spilled 25-30 gallons of fuel approximately 44 miles out of town. DEC.

Runaway Juvenile: A 14-year old juvenile was reported to have ran away from home. Officers located the juvnile who was safe where she was.

Harassment: A person was calling and harssing a local business. The business requested the person be trespassed. An Officer located and advised the person of the trespass warning.

Animal at Large: A caller reported an injured yellow lab wandered into their yard with blood on its ear and face. The dog was dropped off at the animal shelter per the vet’s request.

Sound of Shots Fired: Several callers reported hearing gun shots in the downtown Valdez area. Officers responded but were unable to locate any noises in the area.

Domestic Assault: Officers responded to a family dispute. The parties involved were separated for the night.


Controlled Substance: A pipe and a baggie of drugs were found inside a desk of a business. This case is currently under investigation.

Lost Property: A brown wallet was lost in the Crooked Creek area. If found please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Bear related Calls: The Animal Control Officer received a report of a bear in the area of Dylan Dr. He responded to the area but the bear had left.

Missing Person: A three-year old child has reportedly unlocked the front door and wondered away from home. Officers responded to the area to search for the child who was later discovered sleeping in a basket in the closet.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a beagle on the Richardson Highway heading towards Aleutian Trailer Park. An Officer responded to the area but did not find a dog on the roadway.


DUI: Aaron Chance Hedrick, DOB 3/5/1988, of Kenai was arrested for Driving While License Revoked/Suspended, Driving Under the Influence, Breath Test Refusal and Avoidance of Ignition Interlock. He pled out at arraignment and is currently serving his time.

Citizen Assist: While on patrol an Officer assisted a disabled motorist in getting his vehicle off the roadway.

Reckless Driving: A report of two guys driving black pickup trucks in a reckless manner was received. An Officer contacted one of the parties involved and attempted to contact the another. This case is still under investigation.

Criminal Mischief: A caller reported that someone cut the lines on her greenhouse at local RV Park. This case is currently under investigation.


Family-Neighbor Fights: A woman called to have her ex boyfriend trespassed from her place of residence. An Officer contacted and trespassed the ex-boyfriend from her residence.

Possible Drunk Driver: A local bar called in a possible drunk driver leaving in a vehicle. Officers responded were unable to locate any vehicle matching the description given.

Suspicious Activity: An Officer was requested at the Civic Center due to something setting off all the remote start vehicles in the parking lot. An Officer responded to investigate the source of the problem.

General Contact: While on patrol an Officer was flagged down by a couple that were hiking the goat trail. Their dog went over the cliff and was stuck 20-25 feet down the cliff and he was asking for assistance to rescue his dog. The fire department was contacted to set up a rope rescue team. The dog was rescued.

9-21-15 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm activation call. After investigation of the area, it was determined to be a false alarm.

9-26-15 Valdez EMS responded to an injury during the high school football game. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

9-26-15 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire which ended up being a controlled burn.

9-27-15 Valdez Fire Department responded to a propane leak. After investigation of the area there was a small propane leak in one of the apartments.

9-27-15 Valdez Search and Rescue responded to a rescue request for a dog that was stranded on a cliff in Keystone Canyon. The rescue team was deployed and the dog was safely recovered.


Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 103


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