By Lee Revis

Aleutian Village eviction meeting set for October 16

City and Aleut Corp. officials were to meet Tuesday to talk turkey


A meeting between city administrators and residents of Aleutian Village Trailer Park - who are facing mass eviction by the Aleut Corp. - will be held Friday, Oct. 16.

City administrators were set to meet with executives of the Aleut Corp. in Anchorage yesterday , Oct. 6, to gather information after all owners of mobile homes in the park received eviction notices last month requiring the removal of all trailers from the park by the end of August, 2016.

If enforced - over 70 mobile homes and the residents who live in them would be forced to move their trailers or face losing their personal property.

Worried residents looked to the city for help.

Originally, Robert Jean, the city's interim city manager, had agreed to have a meeting with residents before city officials met with the Aleut Corp.

"The post-meeting is going to be held Friday, October 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers," said Lisa Von Bargen, the executive director of the city's economic development department. "With pre-existing travel and out of town commitments it is just not possible to have a pre-meeting prior to the sixth."

Officials assured residents that the city would dedicate its resources to fighting the eviction but needed more information from the Aleut Corp. before it could form a strategy.


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