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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Welfare Check: A report of a possible family dispute was received. A parent was yelling at a child on the bike path. Officers responded to the area but no on matching the description given by the complainant were found.

Animal DOA: A report of a small cub or large dog that was dead on the Richardson around the salmon turnaround was received. An officer responded to the area and found a dead bear cub. The officer removed the bear from the roadway.


Suspicious Person: A report of someone wondering around a trailer and knocking on the back door was received. The complainant could not see anyone. An Officer responded to the area and made contact with a person who said they were not banging on any doors. The officer patrolled the area but did not see anyone come back.

Traffic Complaint: A report of a grey Dodge vehicle passing another vehicle on the left hand side while the other vehicle was turning left was reported. Both vehicles had to turn down Airport Road due to driver passing on left. An Officer responded to the area and spoke with the driver of the vehicle. He admitted to messing around with his friend and was informed that it was a citable offense, he was given a warning.

Found Property: A hammer was found in the middle of the road and turned into the Police department. Call with further identifiers to claim.

Agency Assist: Kenny Lake Fire Dept reported a vehicle in the trees at MP 96 It looked like the vehicle might possibly be on fire because there was smoke coming from the window. MATCOM dispatch was contacted and information was passed on to them.

Car Alarm: A car alarm was activated in the parking lot at the airport. The owner had apparently flown out of Valdez and had left his vehicle in the long term parking. An Officer responded to the area and noted that there was damage done to the rear of the vehicle but did not know if it is old or new. Battery is about to die so the alarm will most likely stop shortly.

Arrest: Robert Gillespie, DOB 03/20/1963 of Valdez was arrested for driving while license revoked/suspended/cancelled. He later posted bail in the amount of $500.00.

Agency Assistance: Anchorage Police department requested VPD try to make contact with a local resident in Valdez to let them know they had some of the individuals property.


Disturbance Noise: A report of a group of people yelling and playing loud music in the parking lot of the local dorm on Alatna Street was received. An Officer responded, they turned the music down and said they’d be quiet.

Aggressive Animal: Complainant reports a neighbor’s dog severely injured his dog. This was turned over to the Animal Control Officer and is currently under investigation.

General Contact: A report of a vehicle smoking from the hood at the building on the corner of tide flats was received. The local trooper responded to the area but did not find any vehicles in the area. On his way to the scene he did see a truck towing a car away.

Reckless Driving: Report of an old blue car almost hitting someone while driving on the tide flats. Once the complainant arrived at the grocery store, the same vehicle almost hit him again, as well as a pedestrian and another vehicle. An Officer responded to the area but the vehicle had left. Officers later located the vehicle and issued a summons to Thomas Johnston, DOB: 6/21/89 of Glennallen for Reckless driving.

ETOH Pedestrian: A report of an intoxicated male lying in the road by a local Church was received. He is wearing all black and stated he’s a “complete disaster”. An Officer responded to the area and reported that someone had already given the individual a ride home.

Warrant Arrest: Christian McGee, DOB 07/12/1979 of Valdez was arrested on two Failure to Appear bench warrants on original charges of DUI and DWLR.


Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual that had been kicked out of a bar for the night and had turned up at another location but then left. Officers responded and located the person passed out on their porch. She was woken up and helped inside.

Trespassing: A man was trespassed from Prince William Sound Community College properties permanently.

Lost Property: A man reported he lost his credit card around the Fat Mermaid last night. If found please turn into the Police Department.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported that there were a few drunk guys at her residence and wanted them to leave, but they refused. An Officer responded to the residence and the one individual that did not reside in the residence volunteered to leave for the night.

Disturbance Other: A report of someone trying to break into a women’s house was received. An Officer responded to the residence but there was no one in the area.


Disturbance Other: Caller reported the man is back at her house. Officers responded to the location. The complainant declined to have the individual officially trespassed from her property.

Disorderly Conduct: VPD dispatch received a report of a possible domestic issue going on in the apartment upstairs. Officers responded to the residence and as they talked with the male at the door noticed another person lying on the floor. Officers made entry into the home to assure that she was ok. The female woke up and became unruly. Arrested: Tiffini Devens, DOB: 12/08/89, of Valdez for Disorderly Conduct. She provided a PBT sample of .189. Ms. Devens was later bailed out and released to a sober adult.

Welfare Check: A 911 hang up call was received. An Officer responded to the location and contacted the kids inside who stated they called 911 on accident.

Serve Time: Christopher Allen Brown, DOB 07/09/90 of Valdez checked in to the Valdez Jail to Serve 60 days on original Felony charges of Furnishing Alcohol to Under 21. (5 counts).


Found Property: A debit card belonging to Osvaldo Carrillo was dropped off at the Valdez Police Department. The owner may stop by the department to claim.


Animal at Large: A friendly brown boxer without a collar was reported roaming around. An Officer responded to the area but the boxer had left. The owner was contacted and she stated that she had a dog sitter and it must have gotten away from the sitter. The dog returned home later.

Theft of Bicycle: A caller reported that she just saw a man steal her 3 wheel bike and head to the park strip. Officers responded to the area and located the bicycle, along with the complainants neighbor who had borrowed the bike to go to the liquor store. No charges have been filed.

On Oct 20 at 7:50 pm Fire personnel responded to a reported electrical fire at 14 mile Richardson Highway. The call was cancelled enroute to the location.

On Oct 21 at 11:54 am Fire personnel responded to alarm activation at the US Coast Guard station on Cliffton Dr. The activation was investigated and no fires found. Maintenance crews will test the system.

On Oct 22 at 3:43 pm EMS personnel assisted in a mass inoculation exercise giving the public flu shots. With 49 volunteers we gave 329 shots in the three-hour exercise.

The flu clinic went off without a hitch on Saturday the 22th. Volunteers set up the lines to give the community residents the flu vaccination. The Public Health nurse gave just in time training to volunteers at 4:00 pm and by 5:40 we started the line moving. It was taking less than 10 minutes to go through the line from start to finish. Thank you goes out to all the agencies and volunteers that assisted in the exercise/Clinic. We appreciate the city council for funding the event and helping the community be prepared for a true disaster and making our community a healthy place to live.

On Oct 23 at 3:50 am EMS personnel responded to assist the Police Officers remove a person from a residence.

On Oct 23 at 1:42 pm Fire personnel assisted in code enforcement checks in town.

On Oct 24 at 12:37 am Fire personnel assisted a resident in isolating their circulating pump that had malfunctioned.

On Oct 24 at 1:56 pm Fire personnel extinguished a controlled burn at Dock Point due to the lack of someone attending to the burn.

On Oct 25 at 4:22 pm EMS personnel treated a 60 year old man that had been trapped with his hand jammed in the end table. Once release from the table the arm was checked and treated for small cuts. The man was released from care.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 90


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