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Police and Fire


(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Noise Disturbance: Officers responded to VMHP for a report of a neighbor playing music too loud too early in the morning. The individual with the loud music was contacted and asked to turn down her loud music.

Found Property: A bike was reported being on the Best Western property for over a week and turned over to VPD. If you believe this is yours, contact VPD with descriptors to claim.

Misconduct Controlled Substance: A mother requested assistance with her son after he had been caught smoking marijuana at school. Officers escorted the juvenile home and spoke with the parents.

Credit Card Fraud: A caller reported a possible attempted theft of credit card information. A number kept calling him stating his account had been “blocked” and requesting information to unblock the account. The individual was advised not to give any information over the phone if he believed it was a scam.

Unattended Death: Valdez dispatch received notification of an unattended death in a residence. 69 year old Margaret Diane Hursh was found deseased in her home. No foul play is suspected at this time.

Gunshot Heard: A caller reported hearing gun shots somewhere around 10 mile. Officers responded but were unable to locate anyone or hear any gun shots in the area. No specifics given.

Disorderly: Officers assisted the hospital with a disorderly patient.


Assault: Officers responded to a report of an assault at a local bar. The caller stated that when he was leaving the establishment, another man hit him. This led to a warrant arrest.

Arrested: Leonard L. Pierce, DOB 01/04/58 of Copper Center, was arrested on a Bench Warrant for failing to appear for arraignment on his original charge of DUI.

Runaway Juvenile: A mother reported her child ran away after a previous incident that occurred at school. The child was contacted and was safe but refused to go back home. Case is pending.

Disorderly: Officers assisted the hospital with a disorderly patient.

Endangering Welfare of a Child: A caller reported a woman driving with children was impaired. Officers contacted the individual and determined she was not impaired and fine to drive.


Agency Assist: Officers assisted the hospital in transporting a patient to the airport.

MVA: A caller reported that sometime in the previous three weeks someone hit the propane tank and the side of the building with their vehicle leaving damage. This case is under investigation.

Gunshot Heard: Officers responded to a report of gunshots heard somewhere around the Baler Facility. An individual was contacted but reported he was not shooting anything. No one else was contacted in the area.

Runaway Juvenile: A mother reported her child ran away. Officers contacted the child at a friend’s house and gave him a ride back to the PD to be picked up by his mother.

Suspicious Person: A local business reported an irate customer. They stated they just wanted it documented.


Tobacco Possession: A juvenile was issued a citation for smoking underage.

MVA: A caller reported a two vehicle minor accident in the Safeway parking lot. Drivers exchanged information, and officers issued PAR forms.

Animal Info: A woman reported her dog missing and believed a neighbor took the dog. A couple hours later, the woman called back and stated the dog was back at her house and tied up to the porch.

Found Property: A speaker was found near Whispering Spruce. If you believe this belongs to you, call VPD with descriptors to claim.

Agency Assist: Officers assisted Anchorage Police Department with executing a search warrant.


Disturbance: Police assistance was requested by a man who had a disagreement with his roommate. He was concerned when his girlfriend didn’t come out of the house after him. The girlfriend came out of the house while he was still on the phone with dispatch and he stated he no longer needed anyone and declined officer assistance.

Noise Disturbance: A caller reported someone running a chainsaw in Aleutian Village in the early morning the last couple days. An individual was contacted and admitted to running the chainsaw early and said he would wait to use it until later in the day.

Arrest: Pedro Carrillo, DOB 7/10/86 of Valdez, was arrested on the charge of DV Assault 4th Degree.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a dog chasing a jogger. The dog had gotten out of the house due to an open door. A friend of the dog owner secured the dog and the house.

Smoke Visible: Officers assisted VFD on an active fire call.

Family Issues: Officers spoke with an individual about ongoing family issues.

Traffic Complaint: A caller reported a person constantly driving his vehicle around 40 mph on a walking trail at the end of Mendenhall. Officers contacted the individual and told him to keep his speed down and not to operate his vehicle on any trails that motorized vehicles were not permitted.


Traffic Complaint: Officers searched for a vehicle that had reportedly passed a semi in a no passing zone. No vehicle matching the description was found in the area.

Civil Standby: Officers assisted an individual to his home to gather his belongings per court order.

Open Door: Officers noticed an open door of a residence while patrolling. They attempted to make contact with anyone inside and secured the door when no one answered. A point of contact was notified of the situation when the owners could not be reached.

Disturbance: A caller reported an altercation in progress outside their home between two men. Officers arrived on scene where one man remained and the other involved party had left. Both parties contacted dispatch requesting to speak with an officer individually.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: Officers responded with EMS to a report of an individual outside his home, too intoxicated to walk. Both agencies assisted the man into his home.


Animal Impound: A black lab was impounded after being found wandering the streets. If you believe this is your dog, contact the Valdez Animal Shelter for inquiries.

Arrested: Brandee A. Martel, DOB 3/12/94 of Valdez, was arrested on the charge of Assault in the 4th Degree.

Fire Alarm: Officers assisted VFD with a fire alarm call at the Senior Center.

Harassment: A woman reported a man following her around and harassing her. The man was contacted and assured officers it was a coincidence and stated he would pay more attention.

Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS with a medical call.

Civil Standby: Officers assisted an individual to her home to gather her belongings per court order.

10-26-15 Valdez EMS responded to an individual with a fatal injury. The deceased was transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-27-15 Valdez EMS responded to an agency assistance request at Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-28-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical evaluation request. The patient was treated at the scene.

10-29-15 Valdez Fire responded to an alarm activation at the Valdez Man camp.

10-29-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call at the Valdez High School pool for an individual with an injury. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

10-30-15 Valdez Fire investigated a fire call due to possible electrical issue.

10-31-15 Valdez Fire responded to a fire alarm activation at Silver Bay Seafood’s. After investigation, the crew was told it was accidently activated.

10-31-15 Valdez EMS responded to an agency assistance with the Valdez Police Department needing assistance moving a citizen.

11-1-15 Valdez Fire investigated a smoke alarm on Hanagita.

11-1-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call. The patient was treated at the scene.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 91



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