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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Lost Property: A small, floral print wallet was reported lost sometime over the last few days. I you have found this wallet, please turn it into the Police Department.

Criminal Mischief: A local business reported that someone was tampering with their alarm system in an attempt to disable it. Investigation ongoing.

Animal Impound: A yellow law was impounded and taken to the shelter. Just a reminder, all dogs must be on a leash and monitored by their owner.

Bicycle Theft: A local man reported the theft of his bicycle. Officers determined that the suspect had found the bicycle and when told who the bike belonged to, he returned it promptly.

Felony Assault: VPD dispatch received a report that woman was cut on the face and bleeding. Officers and EMS responded to the scene. The victim was transported immediately to the hospital. Subsequent investigation revealed that Christopher Harnden, DOB: 8/4/86 had caused the injuries to the victim. An arrest warrant was issued. Mr. Harnden was later arrested by APD in Anchorage for Felony Assault in the First Degree and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: VPD dispatch received a report that an intoxicated male was staggering on the highway near Zook Subdivision. Officers responded and did not locate anyone matching the description that was given to VPD.

Violating Conditions of Release: Officers made contact with Donna Mounsey, DOB: 5/22/80, of Valdez near the adult beverage store. Ms. Mounsey was known to be on Conditions of Release for a prior incident and was not to be consuming alcohol. Ms. Mounsey was given a PBT which indicated that she was under the influence. She was transported to the Valdez Jail.

Welfare Check: Officers conducted a welfare check on a juvenile after receiving a report from concerned friends who believed that the subject was suicidal.


Animal Bite: VPD received a call from an individual who stated that she was bitten by a dog when she tried to break up a fight between the suspect dog and another. The suspect dog was later quarantined by the Animal Control Officer.

Parking Issue: A vehicle was reported to be illegally parked on North Harbor Drive. A VPD officer tagged the vehicle. The vehicle was later moved by the owner.


MVA – Damage: An individual reported to VPD that he had hit black ice around MP 17, lost control and hit a road sign. His vehicle and the sign were damaged. DOT was notified and the individual given a PAR form.

ALIC E Presentation: Officers gave an ALICE presentation to PWSCC.

Reckless Driving: Several complaints were received regarding an individual driving a red Isuzu in a reckless manner in the Corbin Creek Subdivision area. Officers responded but could not locate the vehicle.


Property Damage: VPD received a report that the Stop Sign at Dayville & Richardson Hwy had been plowed over. VPD passed on the information to DOT.

Welfare Check: A call was received requesting a welfare check on an older resident. The caller stated that they had not heard from the individual and indicated that his vehicle had not been moved. The subject was determined to be fine.

MVA – Damage: A caller reported that she had just hit a snowplow. A VPD officer responded and took a report. No further information available on this incident at this time.

Snowmachines: VPD received a report that there were several snowmachines using Atigun Drive as a speedway. Officers responded and did not locate any machines in the area.


Impeding Snow Removal: Officers issued 17 citations to owners of vehicles that were parked in the street impeding the efforts of the snow removal crews.

Aggressive Animal: VPD received a report that dog had attacked another dog in the Valdez Mobile Home area. Ongoing investigation by Animal Control.

Theft of Money: A local woman reported the theft of money and receipts from her vehicle. Ongoing investigation.

Possible Drunk Driver: VPD received a report that a small blue suv type car was driving erratically and outbound on the Rich Hwy. Officers made contact and determined that alcohol was not a factor, just poor driving.

Vehicle Theft: A man reported that his work vehicle was missing. It was last seen an hour prior. Officers responded at about the same time the vehicle was pulling back into the area. Apparently the complainants co-worker had taken the vehicle to run errands.


DUI/Warrant: Numerous complaints were received regarding an individual or individuals driving in a reckless manner in the Corbin Creek Subdivision area. Officers responded to the area on three separate occasions. On the third response a VPD officer noticed a vehicle fish tailing down Wood Way. A traffic was conducted. The driver, Darian Kalchik, DOB: 7/8/94 was arrested for DUI. Mr. Kalchik’s breath alcohol content was .137. He was booked in the Valdez Jail, pending arraignment or bail. Also arrested was passenger, Vincent Kalchik, DOB: 2/27/92, of Valdez for an outstanding APD warrant for Filing a False Report. He was booked in the Valdez Jail and held pending arraignment or bail.

Found Property: A wallet was found near Providence Hospital. VPD officer returned the wallet to its owner.

Family Disturbance: VPD responded to a residence multiple times for disturbances. The two parties involved were told to separate for the evening and if we had to respond again, both parties would be going to jail for Disorderly Conduct.

Noise Disturbance: VPD received a report concerning continual loud music by the complainants neighbors. VPD officer responded and contacted two individuals who agreed to turn down the music.

Domestic Assault: An individual reported in person to VPD that she had been assaulted by her estranged husband while meeting with him to discuss some matters. Officers talked with the complainant and other witnesses and determined that a fear assault had occurred. Larry Hannaman, DOB: 10/31/75 of Valdez was arrested for DV Assault in the 4th degree. Mr. Hannaman was later arraigned and is being held at the Valdez Jail on $1,000 bail and court approved Third Party Custodian.

Suspicious Person/Sexual Advances: A juvenile reported in person to VPD that he had been riding his bike home on Hazelet Street when a vehicle pulled over by him. He thought it looked like his parents vehicle so he stopped. He reported that a fat, hairy, gritty looking man with dreadlock looking hair, probably in his mid 20’s wearing a ball cap or a beanie came at him yelling ‘tickle time’. The suspect then began tickling him and grabbed his genitals. The juvenile began yelling and the man let go. If you have any information on a person matching this description, please contact VPD.


Noise Disturbance: Officers responded to a local hotel for a report of loud music, loud voices and the smell of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. Officers made contact with the couple in the room. The female stated that after the neighbors had pounded on the wall, she moved the music to the other side thinking that it would solve the noise problem. She further stated that if we received any more complaints about the loud noise that it would not be coming from the music but instead from her other activities she had planned for her roommate.

Bar Disturbance: VPD received a report of a fight in progress at a local bar. Officers made contact with an individual who had apparently lost the fight. He stated that he attempted to assist in the 86’ing of an individual and that the man had hit him. The victim did not want medical attention or to press charges. Officers later made contact with the suspect. The suspect stated that he was retrieving his card from the table and the victim pulled the chair out from under him, causing him to fall to the ground. He didn’t appreciate that so he hit the guy and left.

Suspicious Vehicle: VPD received a report that a vehicle had pulled in behind Eagles Rest RV office and turned their vehicle and lights off. Officers made contact with the occupants who stated that they had just arrived from Fairbanks and were tired and wanted to sleep for awhile. They were told that they would need to find another place to sleep, they agreed, and left the area.

11-2-15 Valdez EMS responded to an individual who needed medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

11-2-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medivac request.

11-7-15 Valdez Fire responded to a fire alarm activation at the Valdez Senior Center.

The call was canceled in route due to an unintentional activation.

11-8-15 Valdez Fire responded to a fire alarm activation at the SERVS ware house.

After investigation of the area, the call was classified as a false alarm.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 87



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