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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual who was distraught and walked out of school. VPD School Resource Officer helped facilitate the student getting home.

Animal at Large: Complainant reported a dog had broken free of their chain. Owner recovered the dog.

MVA-Damage: Complainant reported someone backed into a vehicle. No injuries reported.

Agency Assist: Juvenile Probation Officer requested Officer assistance with conducting a UA on a juvenile.

DUI: After receiving a report of a vehicle drifting into another vehicle, Michael Watson, DOB 05/21/1993, of Valdez was arrested for Driving Under the Influence and Driving Without a Valid License. BrAC .222

MCA: During the course of the DUI investigation, Officers issued a Summons to Summit Wilson, DOB 03/16/1995, of Copper Center for Minor Consuming Alcohol, 1st Offense.


Impeding Snow Removal: Officers issued multiple citations for vehicles parked on the street impeding snow removal.


Assault – Information Only: Complainant reported an employee arrived at work with a black eye and stated they had been punched by their boyfriend the night before. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the individual had gotten into a fight with another female the day before, resulting in the black eye. Individual was transported to a family member’s residence where they were going to stay for a couple of days.

VID: Complainant reported a vehicle in the ditch on the highway. An officer placed flares on the road while individuals were going to try and get themselves unstuck before calling a wrecker.

Snowmachine: Dispatch received a report of two snowmachines traveling at a high rate of speed up and down the East Dike. The snowmachine tracks were actually on the West Dike which is a motorized trail, there were no tracks on the East Dike.

Violate Protective Order: Complainant reported a possible violation of a protective order when an individual entered a business the complainant was at. Officers concluded this was not a violation since the individual didn’t know the complainant was there.


Agency Assist: Caller reported an electrical line arching on Dayville Road. Dispatch contacted Copper Valley Electric.

Animal at Large: Caller reported a Golden Retriever looked lost on Mendeltna Street. A VPD officer attempted to capture the dog but the dog kept running away.

Agency Assist: Caller reported a friend was overdue, traveling to Valdez from Glennallen. Dispatch contacted DOT on Thompson Pass and the Glennallen Troopers, no one had seen the vehicle. Individual eventually arrived in Valdez.

Flood Watch: Flood watch activated for Glacier Stream Bridge and 10 mile areas.

MVA-Damage: An individual flagged down an Officer to report they had hit the guard rail near 19 mile. Being the car was inoperable, the Officer transported the individual to town.

Mother Nature Damage: Caller reported a boat at the harbor was possibly in distress due to snow load. Dispatch contacted the Harbor Master who was able to contact the owner.

VID: An Officer on patrol came upon a vehicle in the ditch. A couple of Good Samaritans were also on scene and were able to help the individual get the vehicle unstuck.


Animal Cruelty: Complainant reported finding his dog with what appeared to be a shotgun wound, with the plastic shell still in the dog. Officers responded and were able to follow the blood trail down the road but were unable to determine where the dog was when it was shot or who shot it. Owner took the dog to the Veterinarian who was able to repair the dogs wounds.

Criminal Mischief: Caller reported that two females entered the apartment next doo. The caller stated that the females did not live there and that the resident of the apartment wasn’t home. Officers were able to contact the person who did live there and she stated the girls were intoxicated and needed a place to sleep.

Animal at Large: Complainant reported a black Pitbull mix was loose outside her residence and stated that it is known to be aggressive. Officer made contact with the owner and issued a warning for Dog at Large.

Agency Assist: Caller reported that a snow plow backed into a light pole knocking it down. Officers determined it was a snow removal company’s plow that hit the light plow. Electric company was contacted.

Theft of Property: Complainant reported that her purse had been stolen out of her vehicle the night before.

Warrant Arrest: Damien James, DOB 10/18/1683, of Valdez was arrested on a Valdez warrant for Failure to Appear with a $250 bail.


VID: Caller reported that a vehicle was in the ditch near 17 mile. Officer responded finding four occupants who were unable to get the vehicle unstuck. The officer transported the individuals to Tsaina Lodge where they were staying.

Fish & Game: While transporting individuals to Tsaina Lodge, the Officer came upon a moose that had been hit by a semi-truck. The Officer had to dispatch the moose due to its injuries. Valdez Trooper salvaged the moose the following day.

Theft of Property: Complainant reported personal items had been stolen from a storage closet at their business. Case is under investigation.

Animal at Large: Caller reported the black Pitbull was at large again. The Officer was unable to locate the dog this time; neighbors hadn’t seen the dog running at large either.

Animal Impound: Caller requested an Officer come retrieve a dog they had hooked up to a leash and take it to the shelter. Caller reported the Golden Retriever / Australian Shepherd dog had been seen wandering at large for a couple of days.

Animal at Large: Caller reported seeing a dog get hit by a truck. The dog hobbled off and they didn’t know where it went. Officer located the dog which appeared to be fine.

Traffic Complaint: Complainant reported a truck trying to access the ski trail but just kept ramming into the snow burm. Due to the time of night, caller was concerned there might be alcohol involved. Officer made contact with two individuals who stated they were just messing around; they were told to leave the area for the night.


Possible Drunk Driver: Officer on patrol came upon a vehicle stuck in a business parking lot. While speaking with the driver, the Officer detected an odor of alcohol therefore conducted Field Sobriety Tests, which the driver passed. The Officer then assisted them in getting their vehicle unstuck.

Stop FI: Officer on patrol stopped two individuals who appeared to be having an argument. They both insisted they were fine.

Animal at Large: Officer on patrol came upon a dog running at large, almost causing an accident. Officer followed the dog home and observed it going back inside.

Violate Conditions of Release: An anonymous caller reported an individual was intoxicated and are on bail conditions to not consume alcohol.

Arrested: Tisha Watts, DOB 06/30/1982, of Valdez was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release: Do not consume/possess alcohol or be where alcohol is sold or being consumed. PBT .210 Upon being booked into jail, the individual was found to have prescription narcotics on her that were not hers. The subject was subsequently charged with Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance 5th Degree and Attempt to promote Contraband into a Correctional Facility, both Class A Misdemeanor charges.

Assist EMS Crew: Officer arrived on scene and assisted EMS with a 21 yr old male complaining of chest pains.

11-23-15 Valdez Fire Department responded to fire alarm activation at Mountain Sky Hotel. Upon arriving the department was notified that the alarm was unintentionally set off.

11-24-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medivac request. The medivac was cancelled due to weather.

11-28-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

11-29-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

11-30-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 79


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