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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Suspicious Person: A caller reported an individual was taking photos of the Library and City hall and gave her a bad vibe. Shortly after, an officer witnessed the subject meeting with the City Mayor.


Criminal Mischief: A caller reported a block of ice had been thrown through the window of his semi-truck while it was parked in a business parking lot. This case is currently under investigation.

Oil Spill: A small oil spill on Dayville Road was reported.


Weapons Firearm: An individual was reportedly carrying a weapon on his hip inside of a local restaurant where alcohol is served. Officer’s made contact with the subject who was asked to take the pistol out of the establishment.

Violate Protective Order: A caller reported an individual drove by their residence violating an active Domestic Violence Protective Order. Officers were unable to make contact with the subject.


Alarm: Officer’s responded to a local bank for an active alarm coming from inside of the vault. It was determined the alarm was set off by a grater that was being operated outside of the building.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on the current tenants of her residence after not hearing from them for an extended period of time. Officers made contact with them and they agreed to call their landlord.

Alarm: Officer’s responded to the City baler for an active commercial motion sensor alarm. It was determined the alarm had been set off by employees accidentally.


Harassment: A caller reported receiving multiple harassing phone calls from his ex-wife. An officer made contact with the individual and informed them the calls needed to stop.

Possible Drunk Driver: A red Subaru was reportedly all over the roadway heading inbound on the Richardson Highway. An officer contacted the driver and determined they were not under the influence of alcohol; they just have a hard time seeing at night.

Snow machines: A caller reported a snow machine had just gone down the East Dike, a non-motorized trail. Officers were unable to locate a snow machine matching the description given.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested by a local agency for an individual who expressed possibly causing self harm. An officer located the individual who was upset, but stated he would not hurt himself.

Barking Dog: A caller reported a dog had been barking all day at a nearby residence. Officers were unable to make contact with the owners of the dog.

Property Theft: A LTE Samsung S6 Edge was reportedly stolen from the High school. This case is currently under investigation.

Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported an intoxicated individual drove off from their residence after an altercation had occurred approximately thirty minutes prior to calling. Officers were unable to locate the driver or the vehicle described in the Valdez area.


Bar Disturbance: A local bar requested officer’s assistance with escorting a heavily intoxicated individual off of the property. Upon officer’s arrival, the subject had already left the area.

Snow Removal: Multiple citations were written to owners of vehicles parked on city streets that were impeding snow removal.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: An intoxicated individual walking down the middle of the highway during the night was reported by several concerned callers. The individual refused officer’s offers of providing him transportation home.

Suspicious Vehicle: A caller reported a vehicle was parked in their neighbor’s driveway that are currently out of state. An officer determined the owners of the vehicle were just cutting firewood in the area.

Snow machines: A group of kids riding snow machines up and down the boat ramp at the small boat harbor were reported. Officer’s contacted three individuals who were unloading machines off of a boat, and driving them up the ramp.


Disorderly Conduct: A caller reported a possible domestic disturbance coming from a nearby hotel room. Officer’s determined no violence had taken place, and a disorderly conduct warning was issued.

Bar Disturbance: A local bar requested officer’s assistance escorting a seven foot two inch intoxicated male, who caused multiple altercations to be removed from the property. Upon officer’s arrival, the subject was trespassed from the bar.

Arrested: Erin J. Morgan, DOB 12/14/1987, of Valdez, was arrested on a $500.00 civil bench warrant for failure to appear for Jury Duty.

Family Issues: A caller requested officer’s assistance with her juvenile grandsons who were fighting in the residence. Upon officer’s arrival, the juveniles were separated, and provided transportation to one of them to another location for the evening.

Snow machines: A caller reported kids driving a small four-wheeler and a snow machine on the dike, a non-motorized trail. Officer’s contacted a group of juveniles and their parents at their residence, and advised them not to ride in the area anymore.

Animal at Large: A black dog was reportedly tearing up bunny cages on a caller’s property. The caller called back after being able to catch the dog and contact the owner who agreed to come get their dog.

Fish & Game: The Valdez Animal Shelter received a report that a wolverine or a lynx seemed to be acting weird, and possibly had rabies was alongside the Richardson Highway. An officer was unable to locate the animal in the area.

Vehicle Theft: A Chevy blazer with a dog inside was reportedly stolen out of the parking lot of a local bar. The vehicle was found shortly after vacant in a different parking lot.

12-12-15 Valdez Fire responded to an electrical smell. The occupants were concerned the smell might be an electrical fire starting. After investigation there was no fire.

12-13-15 Valdez EMS responded to a medical request. The individual needed medical care and was transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 99


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