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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Cyber Crime: After reading the Nixle post regarding the DHL malware email, a concerned party contacted the VPD concerning an email she had also received.

Traffic Complaint: A caller reported a large crane travelling down the middle of airport road and blocking traffic. The caller suspected that the appropriate permits had not been acquired. Officers investigated the allegation.

Traffic Hazard: 2 large potholes were reported in the inbound lane of the Richardson Highway by the Animal Shelter. Dispatch contacted DOT who immediately began working on the holes.

Concealment of Merchandise: A clerk at a local store reported witnessing someone conceal some merchandise on his person. Officers responded and made one arrest.

Arrested: Dane Joseph Gilson, DOB 02/13/1984, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Concealment of Merchandise.

Fireworks: Fireworks were reported being set off somewhere on Homestead Road.

Disturbance – Noise: Officers contacted the residents of a trailer in Valdez Mobile Home Park after receiving complaints of loud music. The residents agreed to keep the music turned down.


Welfare Check: A caller requested Officers conduct a welfare check on a senior citizen after they were unable to reach them by phone or answer the door at their residence. The caller was able to locate the individual soon after and cancelled the request.

Neighbor Issues: A complainant reported their neighbor had used a snow blower to fill his yard with dog feces. He reported that feces were also blown on a vehicle belonging to an employee that was parked on the property.

Traffic Hazard: A man was reported walking down the middle of the Egan heading outbound. He was on the sidewalk when Officers responded to the call.

Welfare Check: 16-0166

Safety Hazard: A fishing vessel was reported as looking low in the water and in danger of sinking. Dispatch contacted the Harbor Master who will be contacting the owner of the boat to rectify the situation.

Traffic Complaint: Dispatch received a report of a white pick-up truck spinning ‘brodies’ and fishtailing all over Egan Drive. Officers responded to the area.

Harassment: Officers instructed an individual on how to obtain a Domestic Violence Protective Order after receiving complaints of harassment and threats stemming from a rent disagreement between family members.


Traffic Complaint: Dispatch received a complaint of a white Volkswagen driving erratically.

Summonsed: Julia Catherine Fletcher-Gilbert, DOB 07/04/1985, of Valdez, was summonsed to appear in court on the charges of Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident and Failure to Give Immediate Notice of a Motor Vehicle Accident.

Violate Domestic Violence Protective Order: A caller reported the respondent on an active DVPO had violated the order.

Arrested: Cale Watson Harrison, DOB 03/01/1984, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Violating a Domestic Violence Protective Order.


ETOH Pedestrian: A seemingly intoxicated pedestrian was reported staggering down W. Klutina. Officers contacted the individual who was enroute to his parents’ home and in command of his own facilities enough to be left to his own devices.

Prowler: Officers responded to a residence following report from the complainant coming home, finding the back door wide open, the lights off and hearing a noise from the upstairs. Officers cleared the scene, no one was found inside the residence. Officers will be conducting extra patrols in the area.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested for an individual who didn’t show up for work, wasn’t answering the door at her residence and had left a ‘weird note’ on the floor of the residence. Officers were unable to contact the individual as she didn’t appear to be home.


Traffic Hazard: A semi-truck was reported as stuck in the area between a drive through coffee shop and some gas pumps. Officers contacted the clerk at the gas station who reported there was no issue.


Neighbor Issues: Officers responded to an apartment complex following a complaint regarding a couple having some domestic issues.

Welfare Check: Dispatch received numerous calls from a cell phone, but no one seemed to be on the line. Officers responded to the last known residence of the owner of the phone, but found no one home. The phone owner eventually called dispatch, explained that his phone had been accidentally calling the VPD and that he was all right.

Trespassing: Officers investigated the report of people trespassing in a hotel room, but didn’t find anyone in the room in question or several others they searched.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Damages: A visiting German tourist reported a motor vehicle accident involving his rental vehicle and a horse at MP 17 of the Richardson Highway. Dispatch contacted both equine owners in the Valdez area to determine if they were missing any animals, but all horses & ponies were accounted for. It was determined the tourist had actually struck a moose who was not in the area when Officers responded.

Possible Drunk Driver: A pick-up truck spinning ‘brodies’ in the Safeway parking lot and jumping snow berms enroute to the harbor area was reported to the VPD. Officers responded and subsequently made one arrest.

Arrested: Eric Brian Fowler, DOB 05/05/1970, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence and Reckless Driving. He registered a breath-alcohol content of .209 shortly after his arrest.

Traffic Complaint: Dispatch received a report of a white or silver Volkswagen Rabbit or Gulf travelling around Corbin Creek Subdivision at excessive rates of speed and endangering people out walking or playing near the streets.


Neighbor Issues: Officers contacted the residents of an apartment after receiving a complaint of yelling and screaming coming from within. Both parties were issued Disorderly Conduct warnings and separated for the evening.

Domestic Assault: A hysterical juvenile called dispatch reporting being assaulted by a family member. Officers responded to the residence and spoke with all parties including the parent.

1-11-16 Valdez EMS administered additional flu vaccine for the Valdez community.

1-12-16 Valdez EMS reviewed and inspected Safeway’s building plan.

1-12-16 Valdez EMS completed administering additional flu vaccine to the Valdez community.

1-14-16 Valdez Hazmat team responded to a leak of antifreeze. The area was contained and cleaned up.

1-15-16 Valdez EMS was requested for a Medivac transport.

1-16-16 Valdez EMS was on standby during the Qaniq Challenge Ski races.

1-17-16 Valdez Fire investigated a boiler malfunction. After investigation there was no cause for concern.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 82


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