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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Domestic Disturbance: Officers responded to the report of a domestic disturbance in progress. Both parties were separated for the night.

Noise Disturbance: After responding to a report of two males yelling and screaming outside a local residence, officers discovered that one of the males was injured breaking up a dog fight.


Noise Disturbance: Officers were dispatched to a noise disturbance outside a local apartment building. The parties involved agreed to keep the noise down.

MVA-Damages: A minor motor vehicle accident (fender bender) occurred at a local school parking lot. Both parties were issued state accident participant forms.

Welfare Check: A local school counselor requested a welfare check on a student that had left school early. The student was contacted and stated everything was okay.

Summonsed: Justin Allen, DOB: 9/22/93, of Valdez was summonsed for Failure to Give Immediate Notice of MVA for hitting a concrete bollard in December.


Traffic Hazard: An officer assisted in removing a large box from the lane of traffic near the Salmon turnaround.

Welfare Check: Officers responded to a report of a man lying in the middle of W. Hanagita. The officers could not find the individual anywhere.

Harassment: A report was received from out of state about a local resident harassing her, by voicemail and Facebook. Upon investigation, it was determined the individual being harassed owed the harasser money.


Possible Drunk Driver: A caller stated that a neighbor was in no condition to drive and had been up all night. Officers contacted the subject and there was no evidence of alcohol or impairment.

Trespassing: A caller believed that someone had broken into his truck because the door was open. Officers responded and found nothing out of place.

MVA-Damages: A minor motor vehicle accident occurred at a local business. Both parties were issued state accident participant forms.

Welfare Check: A local agency requested a welfare check on an individual that did not show up for an appointment. The individual was contacted and he was fine.

Cyber Crime: A case of cyber crime was reported, and the case is under investigation.


Noise Disturbance: Officers responded to a report of a loud “ruckus”; maybe a domestic disturbance at a local apartment complex. They discovered an intoxicated individual who was being very loud trying to get into his front door.

Reckless Driving: A caller reported seeing a vehicle driving on the ice rink on W. Pioneer. An officer contacted the driver and asked him to leave. There were no damages to the property.


Theft Property: Officers investigated a report of the theft of personal items from a private residence in a local trailer court. This case is under investigation.

Animal Info: Officers assisted two individuals at the Kelsey city dock to retrieve their dog that had fallen in the water. The animal was recovered successfully.


Bar Disturbance: A local bar requested police assistance with a possible bar fight. The disturbance was over upon officer’s arrival and all parties were uninjured.

Remanded: Christopher A. Brown, DOB: 7/9/90, of Valdez was remanded for Felony Probation Violation.

Civil Dispute: Officers responded to a complaint of two intoxicated roommates having an argument about one of them moving out. Officers arrived and one of the roommates moved out.

1-18-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to the Valdez Middle School and High School Fire Drill.

1-19-16 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call for an individual with knee trauma. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 85



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