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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Underage Drinking: A request was made to have officers do routine checks on the small boat harbor after it was reported to them that a juvenile had been consuming alcoholic beverages on one of the vessels currently in a slip.

Disturbance: A local business reported a customer became agitated with an employee after the customer had requested to use their city energy efficient credit and was told it was not yet available. The employee asked them to leave, to which they eventually did.

Criminal Mischief: A caller reported someone tipped over their brand new Harley Davidson, and it was laying about four feet from its original parked location. An officer was unable to find anyone in the area.

Arrested: Donna R. Mounsey, DOB 05/22/1980, of Valdez, was arrested on the charge of Violating Conditions of Release on the original charge of Driving under the Influence.

Fish & Game: A caller reported hitting a yearling moose calf near milepost nineteen of the Richardson Highway. The calf was donated to charity.


Panic Alarm: Officer’s responded to an active panic alarm in a public facility. Upon arrival, it was determined it was a false alarm.

Disturbance: A caller reported hearing yelling and arguing coming from two individuals in a nearby apartment. Upon officer’s arrival, it was determined one of the subject’s was just upset and officer’s assistance was not needed.

Trespassing: A local business requested officers advise an individual they are no longer allowed on the business’s property. An officer attempted to locate the subject but was unable to do so.

Fraud: A caller reported someone they knew withdrew money without their permission from their bank account. This case is currently under investigation.

Found Property: An Alaska Driver License was found in the Valdez area. If you are missing your license, call the Police Department to claim.


Public Service: An officer conducted an anti-drug presentation to students of Gilson Middle School.

Harassment: A caller reported a former acquaintance was inappropriately contacting her via phone and would not stop. This case is currently under investigation.

Panic Alarm: Officer’s responded to an active panic alarm in a public building. Upon arrival, it was determined it was a false alarm.

Arrested: Craig R. Baird, DOB 07/23/1963, of Valdez, was arrested on the charge of Driving While License Revoked. Mr. Baird plead out in court and received 10 months jail time.


Trespassing: A local facility requested officer’s advise an individual he is no longer allowed on the premises unless it is an emergency. An officer notified the subject.

Search Warrant: A search and seizure of a residence was conducted by officers for an ongoing investigation.


Impeding Snow Removal: Several citations were issued to owners of vehicles parked on city streets impeding snow removal. Please keep parked vehicles out of the roadway so cities’ equipment can properly remove snow from the streets.

Traffic Hazard: An individual was reportedly walking into traffic flashing what looked to be a police badge, attempting to stop oncoming vehicles. An officer located the subject who denied the accusation and was issued verbal warnings for Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Roadways.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual after he entered a public building without shoes or socks on. An officer made contact with the individual who stated he had shoes and socks; he just wanted to be barefoot for a while.

Missing Person: A caller reported their tenants hadn’t been to work in a few days and weren’t able to contact them via phone or at their residence. An officer discovered the individuals had left the state and were currently in Canada.


Suspicious Person: A caller reported an individual outside knocking on the windows and attempting to gain entry into their residence. Upon officer’s arrival, noticeable foot prints were found around the residence but they were unable to locate anyone still in the area.

Traffic Complaint: A vehicle reportedly ran the stop sign at an intersection. Officer’s made contact with the driver of the vehicle described and issued a verbal warning.

Firewood: A caller reported multiple individuals had been cutting live trees behind the access gate for Alyeska around Milepost 12 of the Richardson Highway.

Suspicious Activity: A caller believed someone had tried to gain entry into their residence through a back door that was found open. Upon officer’s arrival, it was determined the door was probably left open and no signs of anyone being in the area were found.


Fraud: A debit card was reportedly being fraudulently used at multiple Valdez businesses over the course of several days. This case is currently under investigation.

Agency Assistance: A single vehicle rollover accident reportedly occurred around Milepost forty of the Richardson Highway. The single occupant of the vehicle was uninjured, and it was forwarded to the Alaska State Troopers.

Public Assistance: An officer assisted the occupants of a disabled vehicle move it out of the roadway into a nearby parking lot.

2-2-16 Valdez EMS responded to a motor vehicle accident at 39 mile on the Richardson Highway.

2-3-16 Valdez EMS responded to a medical call for an individual having difficulty breathing. The patient was treated at the scene.

2-7-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual at the Valdez Senior

Center needing assistance to the Providence Valdez Medical Center. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 88


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