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Aleutian residents and city officials to meet on eviction

City manager says meeting before inking an agreement is important


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Robert Jean, left, and Dennis Ragsdale, right, are holding a meeting with Aleutian Village homeowners Feb. 11.

City officials will be with Aleutian Village homeowners Thursday night to review a final agreement with the park's owners.

"We want to have a meeting before we go into it," Dennis Ragsdale, the city manager, told the Valdez City Council during its regular meeting last week.

He said he wanted the park's residents, who were served one-year eviction notices early last fall, to review the proposed agreement between the City of Valdez and the park's owners, the Aleut Corp., before it is brought to city council for passage.

"It looks like it's solid," he said.

Ragsdale said he had reached an agreement with Robert Jean, the city's former interim city manager, to act as consultant in the ongoing negotiations with the Aleut Corp.

In a similar meeting held last month, Jean and Ragsdale told residents it was set to ask the Aleut Corp. to waive the eviction notices it had sent that call for an August 31, 2016 eviction of all mobile homes on the ADOT-owned property. This gives the city time to acquire the property from the state and rezone it as a subdivision, and sell the leased lots to the mobile home owners.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m., Feb. 11, at city council chambers.

Source: The Aleut Corp.

Aleutian Village is managed by a subsidiary of the Aleut Corp.


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