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Eviction threat lingers for households in Aleutian Village

Agreement reached with Aleut Corp. but deal is contingent on council, DOT


New details were scant at the last meeting between city officials and Aleutian Village residents.

City manager Dennis Ragsdale told residents at a community meeting last Thursday night that city administration was prepared to present the Valdez City Council with the agreement that was hammered out with the Aleut Corp.

There are two possible outcomes to the agreement: the first scenario, which city officials call the "go" scenario, calls for the Aleut Corp. to rescind the eviction notices it sent to all residents last September and keep the park open under its management while the city pursues a purchase agreement for the land, which is now owned the Alaska Dept. of Transportation (DOT). The process is expected to last two years - if DOT agrees to sell the land. The city in turn will work towards turning the land into a subdivision that allows homes without foundations and sell the lots directly to mobile home owners.

If the city is unable to acquire the land, the Aleut Corp. has agreed to extend the eviction process from August 31, 2016, to the end of September of that year.

The city refers to this as the "no go" scenario.

City officials said brainstorming sessions have been held to create a Plan B for residents - and their mobile homes - in the event the "no go" scenario becomes a reality.

Ragsdale said he is set to meet with DOT officials in Juneau next week. The agreement with the Aleut Corp. in both scenarios will require city council approval. The agreement will be on the council agenda for its Feb. 29 meeting.


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