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The Valdez Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chambers. The purpose of the hearing is to take public testimony on the request from Josh Swierk for a Conditional Use Permit for a hostel at 5115 Sealion Road, Lot 22, Block 9, Alpine Woods Subdivision. The property is currently zoned Rural Residential and it is a conditional use within that zoning district (Section 17.20.040 (D) VMC).

The public is encouraged to attend but if attendance is not possible, comments may be presented to the Community & Economic Development Department in writing prior to the March 9th meeting. A copy of the comments will then be presented to the Planning & Zoning Commission. Submissions by email may be sent to:

Anyone having questions concerning this request or who would like more detailed information should contact the Community & Economic Development Department at (907) 834-3427.


Lisa Von Bargen, Director CEDD






This NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ELECTION TO SELL is given by Joe J. A. Solseng, Alaska bar number 0909038, as Successor Trustee under that certain Deed of Trust executed by Daniel McKinley and Donna McKinley, husband and wife, tenants by the entirety, as Trustor(s), to John M. Mercer as Trustee, in favor of America`s Moneyline Inc. as Beneficiary, dated September 13, 2002 and recorded on September 30, 2002 as Instrument No. Book 151 page 369 in Valdez-Cordova Recording District, Third Judicial District, Alaska. The beneficial interest was assigned to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, a New York banking corporation, and recorded September 30, 2002 as Instrument No. Book 151 Page 387 . The record owner of the property is purported to be Daniel McKinley and Donna McKinley, husband and wife. Said Deed of Trust covers real property situated in said Recording District, described as follows:


Commonly known as: 740 Copper Drive, Valdez, AK 99686; AKA 804 North Cottonwood Street, Valdez, AK 99686

A breach of, and default in, the obligations for which said Deed of Trust is security has occurred in that the payment has not been made of: THE INSTALLMENT OF PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST WHICH BECAME DUE ON December 1, 2012 AND ALL SUBSEQUENT INSTALLMENTS OF PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST, ALONG WITH LATE CHARGES, PLUS FORECLOSURE COSTS AND LEGAL FEES. PLUS ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS PER THE DEED OF TRUST, PROMISSORY NOTE AND RELATED LOAN DOCUMENTS. By reason thereof, and under the terms of the Note and Deed of Trust, the Beneficiary has declared all sums so secured to be immediately due and payable, together with any Trustee fees, attorney fees, costs and advances made to protect the security associated with this foreclosure. There is presently due and owing the principal balance of $151,729.58, plus accrued interest at the rate of 6.00000%, late charges, costs and any future advances.

If the default has arisen by failure to make payments required by the trust deed, the default may be cured and foreclosure terminated if (1) at any time before the sale date stated herein or a date to which the sale is postponed, payment is made of the sum then in default, other than principal that would not be due if the default had not occurred, plus attorney and other foreclosure fees and costs actually incurred by the Beneficiary and Trustee due to the default, and (2) if the Trustee does not elect to refuse payment and proceed with the sale if the recording of a Notice of Default and a reinstatement has occurred two or more times previously under the trust deed described above.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to demand of the Beneficiary, the Trustee hereby elects to sell the above described real property to satisfy the obligation, together with all accrued interest and all costs and expenses, inside the front doors of the Nesbitt Memorial Courthouse, at 825 W. 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 on June 14, 2016 at 10:00 AM. Beneficiary will have the right to make an offset bid at sale without cash. Said sale will be made without covenant or warranty, express or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances. If the Trustee is unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be the refund of monies paid to the Trustee and the successful bidder shall have no further recourse.

Notice to Potential Bidders

If you are considering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved in bidding at a Trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the property itself. Placing the highest bid at a Trustee auction does not automatically entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder’s office or a title insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the same Lender may hold more than one mortgage or Deed of Trust on the property.

DATED: 1/28/16

Joe J.A. Solseng, ABA #0909038

As Duly Appointed Successor Trustee

/s/ Joe J.A. Solseng



City of Valdez

Invitation to Bid

Date: February 7, 2016

Project: Valdez High School HVAC, Controls & Pool Upgrades Phase II

Project Number: 16-310-9502/ Contract Number: 1248

This project includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Abate ACM, replace VAV boxes with heating coils, upgrade the existing pneumatic controls to DDC inside the classrooms, offices and common areas of the school. Replace pump and filter equipment in the pool mechanical room. Three additive alternates will entail upgrading the general exhaust in the Auto Shop, install snowmelt system, and demo existing heating ductwork system & AHU-1 in penthouse. Engineers Estimate for construction is under $ 1,200,000.

Sealed bids will be accepted until 10:00 am local time on March 1, 2016, at the office of the Capital Facilities Director, 300 Airport Road, Suite 201, P. O. Box 307, Valdez, Alaska 99686. The bids will be publicly opened and read at that time. A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the office of the Capital Facilities Director, 300 Airport Road, Suite 201, Valdez, Alaska on February 17th, 2016 at 2:00 pm.

Complete sets of the bid documents may be purchased from Digital Blueprint, 903 West Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, AK 99503, (907) 274-4060. Bid documents may also be downloaded from the City of Valdez website at; documents are located under “Bids” on the lower right hand side of the opening page. Bidders are encouraged to download, fill out, and return the Request for Addendum form located at the link listed above to ensure receipt of any addendum issued for this project.

Bid security in the amount of 5% of the total bid is required. For bids in excess of $100,000, Payment and Performance Bonds in the amount of 100% of the contract amount are required.

The City reserves the right to waive any irregularities or informalities in a bid and to reject any and all bids without cause.

Current minimum prevailing wage rates as published by the Alaska Department of Labor must be paid as required by AS 36.05.070.

Requirements of the Alaska Employment Preference (AS 36.10) must be met.

Solicitation of bids, award of bid, bid protest of qualified bidders and award of contract will be conducted in accordance with 04 AAC 31.080. Bid protests may be filed within 10 days after notice of Intent to Award is issued.

The City of Valdez “Standard Specifications and Standard Details” shall be used. An electronic copy is available from the City of Valdez website at under “standards and specifications” located on the “quick links” portion of the Capital Facilities Department page.




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