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Felony indictments handed out by grand jury in meth case

Tip led police to arrest woman who allegedly received drugs in the mail


The Palmer grand jury handed out two felony indictments against a woman arrested in Valdez after police allege she received 10 grams of methamphetamine in the US Mail.

The indictments, dated February 10, allege Rhonda McConkie, age 49, "knowingly possessed" the controlled substance in the first count, and "manufactured or delivered" the same in the second count.

McConkie was arrested at the Valdez post office Feb. 8, and initially charged with "receipt of a controlled substance."

Charging documents in the case allege that police received information that McConkie was "expecting a package containing methamphetamine in the mail."

Officer Kalin King, who wrote the affidavit of police officer for the court, described McConkie as a white female wearing a hoodie who looked like the person in a photograph of McConkie.

"The female was walking out of the building carrying a large green plastic shipping bag," the charging documents say.

Police followed McConkie to a vehicle in the post office parking lot; Billy Baird was sitting in the car at the time.

"At the time, a postal worker came out and told me that McConkie had just picked up two packages," the charging documents say. "She stated McConkie had a smaller package under the green package."

Police say McConkie left the packages in the car and returned to the post office to buy stamps. King went and talked to Baird while McConkie was back inside the post office.

"I talked to Billy Baird for a moment until she returned," police said. "When she came back she introduced herself as Rhonda McConkie. I asked her about the two packages. I could see the green one in the back seat. She denied having a second package. I could see the second package partially tucked under the front seat."

Lt. Dan Mott arrived on the scene as McConkie sat back into the front seat and "she began opening the package and removing items somewhat frantically; a large ziploc, glass pipes used for smoking, pictures and a small clear plastic bag of what appreared to me to be methamphetamine crystals."

Police say McConkie, who was identified by a Utah driver license, eventually said the meth was hers.

The return address on the package is allegedly that of McConkie's sister.

Police also said that in Valdez "Methamphetamine carries a street value of approximately $100 per 1/10th of a gram."

McConkie's next court appearance is slated for Feb. 29.

She was granted a public defender. Bail is set at $5,000 with a third-party custodian requirement.


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