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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Criminal Mischief: VPD was contacted after a complainant found a piece of paper with feces on it taped to their front door.

Assault Simple: Officers are investigating a report of an assault after an unknown person entered a private residence and punched the victim in the face before leaving the area.

Suspicious Vehicle: Officers contacted the driver of a vehicle reported as acting suspiciously and ‘casing’ the area.

Trespassing: A local business reported someone who was trespassed from the property was currently on the premises. Further investigation revealed that the criminal court case had been adjudicated and the subject was no longer required to abide by the ‘no trespassing’ order and conditions of release. The manager of the business requested a new trespass order for all properties and Officers notified the subject of such.

Animal Impound: A yellow Labrador retriever and a black and white dog were reported running at large near the Richardson highway and Whispering Spruce intersection. The Animal Control Officer responded to the area, was unable to locate the original dogs at large, but did impound one golden retriever who was roaming in the area.

Suspicious Vehicle: The same vehicle reported earlier returned to the area and Officers once again contacted the owner and advised him to leave. See previous complaint.

Disturbance – Other: An ambulance was requested to a private residence for a situation involving a large amount of blood from an unknown source. Officers responded and determined a pet ferret had bitten the homeowners’ dog on the head. Subsequently, the ferret was found to be deceased.


Animal Noise: A caller reported a dog continuously barking for the previous 4 hours. The Animal Control Officer responded, found 3 barking dogs in the immediate vicinity and left notices for the dogs’ owners.

Traffic Hazard: A mattress was reported on the Richardson Highway near the Glacier Stream Bridge causing a traffic hazard.


Burglary – Residence: A caller reported that various items were missing from his apartment and named several suspects.

Arrested: David Allen Smith, DOB 07/19/1997, of Valdez, was arrested and charged with 2 counts of Sexual Abuse Minor and 4 counts of Furnishing Alcohol to Under 21. He is being held without bail at the Valdez Municipal Jail.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Damage: A minor accident involving a vehicle and a stationary building was reported to have occurred on private property.


Possible Drunk Driver: Officers responded to the report of a possibly intoxicated driver and determined the driver was not intoxicated, merely distracted while driving.

Littering: While on routine patrol, VPD Officers found a couple of smoldering mattresses discarded on Glacier Haul Road. The mattresses subsequently caught on fire. The Fire Department was contacted and responded.


Possible Drunk Driver: Officers patrolled the area, but were unable to locate a vehicle reported as possibly being operated by someone under the influence.

911 Hang Up: After receiving a 911 hang up, Officers made contact with the residents of the home who had mistakenly dialed 911 while attempting to input their credit card information over the phone.

Traffic Complaint: Officers received a complaint regarding a specific vehicle speeding on a daily basis.


Vehicle in Ditch: Dispatch received a report of a vehicle that was stuck in the mud by old town with an incoming tide. Unfortunately, because it was 500 – 700 feet off the road, a tow truck was unable to retrieve the vehicle. The Department of Environmental Conservation was contacted due to possible environmental contamination.

Gunshots Heard: An anonymous caller reported a vehicle headed northbound on Airport Road operating without any headlights. Shortly after the vehicle passed the caller, they heard what sounded like two gunshots. Officers responded, but didn’t locate any vehicles in the area.

Domestic Assault: A third party caller reported a possible domestic assault in progress after receiving a call from a family member. Officers responded to the scene, but all parties involved denied any altercations. Furthermore, Officers were unable to locate any sign of a domestic disturbance.


Abandoned Vehicle: Officers contacted the registered owner of a seemingly abandoned vehicle found out on the ice of Valdez Glacier Lake.

Open Door: After completing their shopping at a local shop and attempting to pay for the items, a complainant realized there were no employees in the building and contacted the VPD. It was determined the door hadn’t been locked the previous day at closing. The manager reported nothing was missing.

2-25-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a mattress fire that somehow was on Dump Road. The fire was extinguished.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 100


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