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Fiber optic: coming to a home near you for better speed

Copper Valley Telecom readies to begin replacing copper with fiber optics


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Copper Valley Telecom infrastructure services a vast service area, including Valdez, the Copper Basin and much of Prince William Sound.

Faster and better service speeds will be available to Copper Valley Telecom service subscribers after fiber optic lines are installed to homes according to the cooperative.

CVT will begin installing fiber optics to homes in the Mineral Heights subdivision in Valdez early in the construction season according to Dave Dengel, CEO.

"Copper Valley Telecom will begin replacing copper telephone lines in Valdez's residential areas with fiber optic line during the summer of 2016," the cooperative said in press release issued Saturday. "Currently, copper lines carry all voice and Internet traffic to and from a customer's house. New fiber optic lines will be able to deliver higher Internet speeds than the existing copper wires."

The project is part of the cooperative's ongoing upgrades throughout its system.

"By upgrading our network from copper to fiber, Copper Valley Telecom is preparing the community for the future," Dengel said in the prepared statement.

The project will continue to throughout the 2016 construction season.

"There will be two components to the project," CVT said. "At each house, the company will first replace the copper line that runs underground from the property line to the house. Then, a technician will install new electronic interfaces for voice and data inside each home."

The fiber optics will deliver all CVT services once installed.

"Once complete, all voice and data will be delivered to the home over fiber optic line and the new electronic interface," CVT said. "Modems will also be replaced."

"There is no cost to the customer for the fiber installation," Dengel stated. "Customers will not be asked to pay for the new fiber or the electronics required for voice and Internet access."

Consumers will be notified by CVT prior to work begins.

"Copper Valley Telecom will mail affected property owners detailed information about the project and plans to hold a community meeting with the contractor and plant personnel to answer questions," CVT said.

CVT said that questions should be addressed to Tabitha Gregory, Chief Customer Relations Office, at the Valdez office.

The cooperative's annual membership meeting is slated for April 27 this year, and will be held at the Valdez Civic Center.


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