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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Open Door: A concerned person contacted dispatch after observing that their neighbors’ garage door had been open all day and both vehicles were gone. Officers were able to leave a message with one of the homeowners at their place of employment regarding the open garage door.


Fraud: Cases of credit card fraud was reported after charges from an online vendor and from a retailer in San Francisco were found charged to a Visa debit card.

Traffic Hazard: Officers responded to the report of a traffic hazard and removed debris from the roadway.

Animal Impound: The Animal Control Officer responded to a complaint of an at large Beagle dog defecating in a yard. The Officer caught and impounded the collarless dog.

Abandoned Vehicle: A caller reported a black Ford Ranger had been abandoned at the edge of their property a couple of weeks ago.

Threat: Officers investigated a report of text messages threatening bodily harm on another individual.


Harassment: Officers contacted an individual and verbally warned him to cease and desist with any communication in person, by phone or text message with a complainant who reported the individual was harassing her with shouted and texted obscenities.

Welfare Check: A caller reported a 3 year old boy running in and out of apartments in her building stating that he was hungry. The caller also reported this is 4th or 5th occurrence of this type of behavior. Officers made contact with the mother and the child and determined everything was fine.

SOR Register: Updated paperwork for a change of address was completed and forwarded to the Sex Offender Registry.


Animal Impound: A caller reported picking up a stray black Labrador dog with no collar and requested an Officer assist with transporting it to the Animal Shelter.

Disturbance – Noise: Officer contacted an individual regarding a noise compliant from a neighbor. The individual admitted to singing at a loud volume, but agreed to keep the volume down from then on.

Information: Officers contacted some foreign tourists who were cutting wood alongside Dayville Road and informed them that they would need a permit to harvest firewood. They agreed to stop and leave the area.

Civil Dispute: Officers advised persons involved that pursuing an eviction was a civil matter and to contact the Valdez Court.

Found Property: An Iphone 6 was dropped off at the Valdez Police Department after being found outside the Eagles Hall. Please call with identifiers to claim.

Theft – Vehicle: Officers investigated a report of alleged vehicle theft and determined the incident was a civil matter.


Theft – Property: The theft of approximately $1500 worth of outdoor gear was reported to have occurred on Thompson Pass sometime between March 25th and April 7th. Anyone with any information regarding this incident, please contact the VPD.

Trespassing: Officers notified an individual that he has been trespassed from all property belonging to another individual following a court order for removal from a residence.


Cyber Crime: A complainant, thinking they were speaking with a help tech from Microsoft, allowed remote access to their personal computer resulting in the tech demanding an exorbitant amount of money after freezing the laptop and preventing the owner from accessing it.

Disturbance – Noise: Officers contacted an individual regarding some loud music and warned to keep the noise level down.


Traffic Hazard: A small avalanche covering both lanes of traffic on Dayville Road between the Hatchery and Alyeska Terminal was reported. DOT was immediately notified and the road was closed to traffic for a short period of time.

Reckless Driving: A warning was issued to driver after a report of reckless driving was received.

Theft – Vehicle: A vehicle theft was reported to have occurred sometime in the past 5 weeks while the owner was working out of town.

4-5-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene.

4-6-16 Valdez EMS responded to a public assistance call.

4-7-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having back pain. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

4-8-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having back pain. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

4-10-16 Valdez EMS assisted in a medivac request.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 97



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