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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Attempted Suicide: A suicidal subject was reported to the VPD. Officers responded and made contact with the individual. Officers assisted the individual on implementing a welfare plan.

Abandoned Vehicle: A vehicle was left on the side of the road. Officers made contact with the RO who stated that they will have the vehicle moved.

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check for a young child wandering around outside in their diaper. Officers contacted the mother who stated the child got out while she was sleeping. A plan was made to avoid future occurrences of the child getting out on their own.

Serve Time: Joshua Boone, DOB: 09/01/1979 of Valdez, reported to the Valdez Jail to serve 20 days on charges of DUI and DWLR.

Possible Intoxicated Driver: A truck was reported weaving on the roadway. Officers made contact with the individual and found no impairment.


Fish & Game: A dead eagle was found on Atigun Dr. The ACO located the deceased eagle and made contact with the local Trooper to have the eagle properly handled.

Welfare Check: Officers followed up with a previous suicidal subject and found they were doing much better.

Found Property: An Apple IPhone 4 was turned in to the VPD. Contact the PD with descriptors to claim.

Noise Disturbance: A caller reported loud music coming from a nearby residence. Officers made contact with the individual who agreed to turn the music down.


Disorderly Conduct: An individual was reported flipping cars off as they drove by. Officers made contact with the subject and issued them a disorderly conduct warning.

Theft Other: A caller reported prescription meds were stolen from their residence. This case is currently under investigation.

Problems with Neighbor: A caller reported their neighbor was harassing them over property lines. The individual was given a trespass advisement.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported some sort of alarm going off around Whispering Spruce area. Officers responded and patrolled the area but was unable to hear any alarms or see any signs of smoke or fire.


Public Appearance: VPD participated in Career Day at Valdez High School.

Animal Bite: A caller reported while their young child was teasing their dog while she had food in her mouth, the dog tried getting the food and bit her.

Traffic Complaint: A vehicle was reported driving fast through the park strip. The complainant followed the vehicle and spoke with the driver who claimed that they didn’t realize it was not a road until they were halfway through so they drove fast to get off the bike path.

Fraud: Callers report that they received calls from the “IRS” advising them that they are behind on taxes and demands money. Valdez Police Department advises anyone who receives these calls to hang up on them immediately and not to give any personal information.


Lost Property: A Motorola Smartphone was lost around the harbor area. If found, please turn in to the Valdez Police Department.

Found Property: A phone and an ID were turned in to the drop box at the Valdez Police Department. To claim, please call the PD with descriptors.

Events deemed Unsafe: An officer picked up debris that was in the roadway.

Harassment: A concerned parent requested to speak to an officer regarding their child being harassed.

Disturbance Other: Two men were reported urinating in a garbage can in a parking lot. An officer contacted the two men who denied any urination in the garbage can or in the parking lot area. Both men had been consuming alcohol.

Intoxicated Individual: A local business requested assistance with an intoxicated employee. An officer contacted the employee who was confused about what time it was and his mentation was stagnated. The officer provided transportation for the individual and got them home safe.

Events deemed Unsafe: An upright freezer chest was reported left open and there was concern a child or animal could get stuck inside. An officer made contact with the owner of the freezer who stated that they had fish in there and was cleaning and airing it out.


Transport Prisoner: Joshua Tucker, dob 08/08/1992 of Valdez was transported to Valdez Jail by DOC for Change of Plea hearing and sentencing.

Theft Vehicle: A truck that was stolen from Wasilla was found in the Valdez area. This case is currently under further investigation.

Possible Drunk Driver: A black Chevy Tahoe was reported swerving all over the road driving inbound on the Richardson Hwy. The complainant confronted the driver who stated that their power steering fluid was out. An officer made contact with the driver and determined there was no impairment.

Welfare Check: A local business requested a welfare check on an employee who had not showed up for work and was concerned because that wasn’t normal behavior. An officer made contact with the individual’s mother at their residence and stated that she was out of town and was returning that evening.

Animal Bite: An owner reported they were bit by their German Shepherd puppy. The canine is currently quarantined for 10 days.


Underage Drinking: A bonfire was reported out at 12 mile with underage drinking and possible drug use. Officers patrolled around the area and were unable to find a bonfire or any signs of a party.

Suspicious Persons: Officers responded to a report of 2-3 men standing around outside of a camper. Upon officer arrival, the individuals had left and were unable to find them in the area.

4-25-16 Valdez EMS responded to an assessment on an individual in the Valdez City jail. The patient was treated at the scene.

4-27-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having medical issues. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 106


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