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Construction season goes into high gear throughout Valdez

Pioneer Drive traffic is rerouted and Silver Bay resumes expansion on spit


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DOT and its contractors were on hand last Tuesday evening for an open event regarding road projects in Valdez.

Construction projects in Valdez are kicking into high gear as stakeholders in the various projects in Valdez rush against the clock in Alaska's short building season.

Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Friday, the highway will be closed for intervals of approximately 20 minutes at the stop light (MP2 - intersection of the Richardson & Mineral Creek Loop) as construction crews set a small bridge.

While a number of conspicuous projects began several weeks ago - the enhancements on Loop Rd intersections on the Richardson Highway and the Egan Dr sidewalk projects are already in full swing - other projects are beginning this week.

Pioneer Drive - and it's large and numerous potholes - began to remedy the problems this week. The City of Valdez project will see partial closures in the coming weeks as crews shut off alternating portions of the road between the Richardson Highway and Meals Ave. to allow vehicular traffic access to the businesses on that street.

This project is part of 2016 City Streets project, which has been combined with the beautification project on Egan Drive and the resurfacing project for the hospital parking lot.

Last year's big projects - the new boat harbor and the Silver Bay Seafood processing plant expansion - are also resuming along N. Harbor Dr. and down the spit.

"Expect pile driving and dock construction in the Valdez harbor at the Silver Bay Seafood's˙ dock between May 20th to June 5th 2016," a notice published this week in the Valdez Star says.

The notice says operations can occur between 7 am. and 7 p.m.

"The construction area will be between the Crowley fuel dock and the city dry dock and is expected to last up to three days," the notice also says. "Project upgrades will include two new piles, three new floats and improved electrical connection."

Harris Sand & Gravel is the general contractor for the DOT projects already in progress in town.

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Portable stoplights are being used on the Richardson Highway, which can be moved as the need arises.

"The Alaska Department of Transportation, in partnership with Harris Sand & Gravel, is working to replace the asphalt surface on the Richardson Highway and sections of Egan Drive, Ferry Way and Hazelet Avenue, including intersections, residential and commercial driveways," Alaska Navigator says. "The project will also include striping, drainage and lighting."

The project is currently ongoing Monday through Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The city's beautification project on Egan Dr. is commencing in conjunction with the DOT work.

Later in the season, Harris and DOT will begin work up the Richardson Highway to mitigate flooding issues near the Robe Lake Subdivision; work on the dike at Mile 12 is also on the agenda.


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