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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Traffic Complaint: Officers spoke with the driver of a vehicle regarding texting or looking at screen devices while operating a motor vehicle after a complaint was lodged.

Camping: The Animal Control Officer notified some individuals that camping was prohibited at the old Valdez town site.

Animal at Large: A large white dog was reported to have acted aggressive towards another dog tied up in the back yard of a residence. The Animal Control Officer located the loose dog and determined the tied up dog was uninjured.

MICS Marijuana: Officers contacted 5 people who were smoking marijuana at Dock Point and gave several verbal warnings regarding marijuana use in public.

Bear Incident: A brown bear with 3 cubs was reported in the vicinity of Robe River Drive that were drawing a large crowd of onlookers before they moved off down Porcupine.

ATV: A caller reported an ATV being operated with multiple kids piled on. Officers stopped the ATV, gave verbal warnings for helmet requirements and provided a ride to 3 of the juvenile passengers to the home of the adult driver.

Dog Bite: Officers responded to the report of a loose Doberman dog that had attacked another dog tied up on private property and also bit a person on the buttocks. The dog was impounded and quarantined. Officers also issued a citation to the owner of the dog.

Lost Property: A brown men’s wallet was reported lost somewhere in the Valdez vicinity. If found, please turn in the Valdez Police Department.


Camping: A vehicle parked across the street from Swifty’s was found to have a person sleeping inside.

Disorderly: A possibly intoxicated man was reported as kneeling on the ground by the side of highway near Robe Lake Road and mumbling about needing a hospital. Responding Officers found two intoxicated individuals who declined any medical attention. Both were issued disorderly conduct warnings and given a ride back to their apartment.

Summonsed: Danielle B. Kiesecker, DOB 01/20/1987, of Anchorage, was summonsed to appear in court on the charge of Driving with License Revoked/Suspended/Cancelled.

Concealment: The owner of a local business requested an Officer after finding juveniles were attempting to conceal merchandise. Officers responded and found 2 juveniles had concealed pocket knives on their persons. The parents were notified and the case forwarded to the Juvenile Probation Officer.

Camping: A travel trailer was reported to have been illegally camped in the vicinity of the ball fields. Officers contacted the owner who will be moving the camper and picking up the trash around it.

Camping: A verbal warning was given to a person found illegally camped in the vicinity of Mineral Creek Loop Road.

Theft – Money: A caller reported the theft of money and suspected a juvenile. Officers located the juvenile responsible, returned them to their parents’ residence and forwarded the case to the Juvenile Probation Officer.


Disturbance – Noise: A noise disturbance involving a either a party or a verbal argument was reported to be occurring somewhere in the vicinity of Hanagita Street. Officers contacted an individual who was hosting a party and advised them to shut it down.

Disturbance – Noise: Noise from loud music was reported in Valdez Mobile Home Park. Officers contacted one individual who said they’d turn the radio down.

Found Property: A ring was found and turned in to the VPD. Please call with identifiers to claim.

Missing Person: A 3 year old child was reported as missing from a residence. All available personnel responded and the child was located a few minutes later.

Public Service: An A.L.I.C.E training was conducted by VPD Officers.

Welfare Check: A local business requested Officers conduct a welfare check on an individual who hadn’t been to work in the past 3 days. Officers were able to locate the person who had left town unexpectedly for a medical emergency of a family member.

Welfare Check: A concerned caller reported finding a 2-3 year old child wandering down the street by themselves and stated they would stay with the child until an Officer responds. The mother came outside looking for the child shortly after and both were reunited.

Trespassing: A complainant reported someone was trespassing and breaking into his boat. This case is currently under investigation.

Criminal Mischief: A local business owner reported that damage had been done to their property. This case is currently under investigation.

Animal Noise: Continuous noise from a barking dog was reported to be an ongoing problem.

Weapons – Other: Officer contacted the owner of an unlocked vehicle with an unsecured firearm inside and advised them to lock the vehicle and/or weapon.

Open Door: While conducting a routine security check, Officers noticed an open door at a local business and secured it before leaving.


Theft Vehicle: A vehicle was reported stolen; it was last seen sometime the first week of February. A check of the vehicles registration showed a different owner. Investigation is ongoing.

Bear Presentation: The Animal Control Officer conducted a Bear Safety presentation for Parks and Recreation employees.

Fraud: A complainant reported he was almost the victim of a scam involving a rental home in North Pole, but realized something was wrong before sending any money.


Traffic Compliant: Officers gave a verbal warning to an individual reported as speeding and driving unsafely through a construction zone.

Disturbance – Other: A caller reported a couple were fighting and asked an Officer to intercede. Responding Officers stated the issue involved a dog and passed it on to the Animal Control Officer.

Disturbance – Noise: A refrigerator truck was reported as causing a noise disturbance outside a local business. Officers responded; found no indication of a violation of city code, but stated they would notify the manager of the business regarding the loud truck as a courtesy.

Bear Incident: Multiple sightings of the brown bear sow with 3 cubs reported.

Unattended Death: A welfare check was requested by family members. Responding Officers located the individual who was deceased.

Animal Impound: The Animal Control Officer impounded 2 dogs, some birds and set up live traps for 3 cats following the owners’ unexpected demise.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Damages: An accident involving a stationary pole at Captain Joes Tesoro and a motor vehicle was reported.

Bear Incident: A brown bear sow and 3 cubs were reported in the vicinity of the CVEA shop on West Egan Drive. The Community Service Officers stayed in the vicinity to ensure safety of all onlookers.

Violate Conditions of Release: A caller reported their ex had violated their court ordered conditions of release. Officer investigated and found no conditions were violated at that time.

Search & Rescue: Officer assisted VFD personnel in a water rescue situation on the Lowe River in Keystone Canyon.

Bear Incident: Officers used popper rounds to encourage a brown bear sow and her 3 cubs out of the immediate area.


Public Assist: A distraught man called dispatch for assistance after he jokingly locked the door to the woman’s restroom at the Harbor Masters office only to discover that he has locked himself and his girlfriend inside. Officers responded and released the couple.

Bear Incident: Two large bears were spotted on the bike path behind the Senior Center. Responding Offices were unable to locate any bears in the vicinity.

Camping: Officers contacted multiple individuals along the Soloman Gulch trail including a group who appeared to be camping in the area.

Disturb – Other: A caller requested assistance then disconnected the phone call. Dispatch was able to locate the owner of the phone and Officers contacted two individuals involved in a disagreement. One was advised to leave the residence and was trespassed from the property.

Criminal Mischief: Officers investigated the claim that a vehicle tire had been slashed while the owner was attending a softball tournament and determined there was no conclusive evidence pointing to foul play.

Open Window: A window at a local sandwich shop was reported as being open even though the business was closed. Officers responded to shut the window and the owner was contacted to lock it from the inside of the business.

5-31-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having seizures and needed medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

5-31-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene.

5-31-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to an electrical fire at the Small Boat Harbor.

6-1-16 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac.

6-2-16 Valdez Fire Department investigated a carbon monoxide leak on Mineral Creek Drive.

6-2-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual having chest pains. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-3-16 Valdez Fire Department investigated a carbon monoxide leak.

6-3-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual who had passed away. The individual was transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-3-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm at the Valdez Man Camp. After investigation of the area, the fire alarm was reset.

6-4-16 Valdez Swift Water Rescue team and Valdez EMS responded to several individuals that had fallen in the water at Keystone Canyon.

Individuals were rescued, treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 122


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