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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Disturbance-Noise: Complainant reports someone is setting off fireworks. Officers contacted the individuals who agreed to be done for the night.

Bear Incident: Dispatch received reports of vehicles parked on both sides of the highway while people bear watched. Bears left the area and the vehicles moved on.

Civil Problem/Dispute: Complainant reported that a friend of a previous tenant entered the residence and removed a television. The individual was contacted and agreed to contact the property owner to work it out.

Vehicle Inspection: An officer conducted a vehicle inspection for a local cab company.

Fish & Game: Caller reported a dead swan at the 9 mile pond. Information was passed on to the Fish & Wildlife Trooper.

Fraud-Credit Card: Complainant called to report credit card fraud. Someone had used the card in Mexico while the cardholder was in Valdez with the credit card in their possession.

Bear Incident: A bear was reported to be in the area of Salmon Turnaround.


Disturbance-Bar: Complainant reported a drunk and belligerent male was refusing to leave the establishment. Subject was contacted by officers and given a disorderly conduct warning and was trespassed for the evening.

Fish & Game: Caller reported a mama with ducklings was trying to cross the road near Salmon Turnaround, worried they might get hit by morning traffic. All ducks were gone upon officer arrival.

Bear Incident: Caller reported their dog had just chased off a bear on dump road. The bear was no longer in the area.

Bear Incident: Caller reported a giant brown bear on Fairweather Street. The bear was gone upon officer arrival.

Civil Problem/Dispute: Complaint reported that an individual who rents space on the same property they rent an apartment is using their electricity. The complainant cut off the power resulting in a verbal altercation between both parties. They were separated for the evening and advised to contact their landlord.

Civil Problems/Dispute: Complainant reported having some issues with a neighbor regarding driveway access. Complainant requested officers not respond, only wanted it reported in case other issues arise later on.

Agency Assist: Complainant called from Anchorage to report they had hired two individuals to house/dog sit, they had found them on Craigslist. Upon returning home, they found a strange female in their home, their dog missing, and cash and credit cards missing with fraudulent charges on the missing cards. A post was put on Facebook about the stolen dog who is blind and diabetic and viewers from the Valdez area responded saying they had seen one of the individuals at a local business in town.

Barking dog: Complainant reported two dogs were continuously barking at a residence behind theirs. Officers attempted to contact the owners to have the dogs put inside.


Stolen Property: Complainant reported a 19 year old blond male “punk” stole their bike. Complainant didn’t want the person arrested, stated the individual has been allowed to borrow the bike in the past but didn’t have permission this time, they just want the bike returned.

Disturbance-Other: Complainant called to report a female inside a local business seemed “out there” and “out of it” as though on drugs. The individual then tried to put air in the vehicle tire causing the tire to blow up. Caller was concerned because there were children in the car. An officer contacted the individual, they were deemed not to be impaired. The officer helped them change their tire so they could continue on.

Animal Impound: Caller reported a loose dog was on their boardwalk, the chain was still attached and it had gotten tangled. The dog was retrieved by an officer and taken to the shelter.

MVA-Damage: Caller reported backing into another vehicle. An officer arrived on scene to assist with exchanging vehicle/insurance information.


Harassment: Complainant called to report being harassed as they were leaving a local restaurant. The complainant was approached by a male individual who had started “cat calling” and would not leave them alone, getting in front of their vehicle. The complainant was able to leave the area.

Found Property: Caller reported finding a backpack sitting next to an electrical box. Owner was nearby mowing a lawn, they retrieved their backpack.

Traffic Complaint: Complainant reported almost being run off the road by another vehicle. The same vehicle had tried to run another family member off the road earlier in the day. An officer spoke to both complainants and advised them to fill out a witness form and possibly apply for a stalking order.

Camping Prohibited: Individuals were advised they were camping in a no camping area.

Aggressive Animal: Complainant reported their dog had just been attacked by a neighbor’s dog. CSO and officers responded, the dog didn’t appear to have any visible injuries. Case forwarded to the Animal Control Officer.

Animal at Large: While on patrol, the CSO found a dog running at large. Owner came out looking for and retrieved their dog.

Problems with Neighbors: Complainant called to report a verbal altercation with neighbors. Complainant was mowing their lawn, the neighbors weren’t amused with the noise and threatened to damage their property when the complainant leaves. Officers arrived on scene and advised the individuals that 8:00pm is not too late to be mowing a lawn according to the Municipal Noise Ordinance.

Bench Warrant: While discussing noise ordinances, the officers were advised that David Gadomski, DOB 4/17/1978, of Anchorage had a $2500 Palmer AST warrant for Failure to Appear. Original charge: Assault 4.

Trespassing: Caller reported people were behind the Goldfields cutting trees and loading them in their vehicles. Officer contacted the individuals who agreed to stop cutting until they spoke with city personnel.

Bench Warrant: While conducting a traffic stop, dispatch advised officers that the driver, David Bell, DOB 3/18/1984, of Copper Center, had a $200 Anchorage warrant for Failure to Appear. Original charge: Driving without insurance.

Stop FI: While on patrol, an officer saw a male individual hitchhiking on the highway with what looked to be an open container. The officer made contact with the individual who was slightly impaired and they agreed to pour out their bottle and not walk on the white line.


Barking Dog: Caller reported dogs barking on the street behind their residence, had been barking for awhile. Officers contacted someone at the residence who put the dogs inside.

Traffic Complaint: Complainant reported an individual was waving a flag/stick at their vehicle. An officer contacted the individual and told them to knock it off.

Harassment: Complainant called to report they had been harassed the day before by an employee at a local restaurant and that the same employee had harassed them at a different business later on in the day. Dispatch advised the complainant to call when the harassment is happening versus waiting until the next day.

Family-Neighbor Fights: Officers responded to a report of two family members having a dispute. Both parties were separated.

Lost Property: Caller reported losing a ring approximately two weeks previous. 1966 Riverview High School class ring, 14k Gold with a green emerald stone in the middle. Ring is engraved with “Steve” on one side. Please turn into the police dept if found.

Civil Problem/Dispute: Caller reported being fired by their employer, wants to make sure they get their last paycheck. Advised it’s a civil matter.

DUI: Carrie Mercier, DOB, 9/26/1981, of Valdez, was arrested for DUI.

BrAC .134

Gunshot Heard: Caller reported receiving a call from a family member that someone was shooting near their residence in the Robe River Subdivision. Officers responded to the area and after speaking to others that had heard the shots they proceeded to the Goldfields area. Officers contacted several people but were unable to determine who or where the shots had come from.


Theft of Services: A local RV Park called to report a camper left without paying for their site. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle but contacted the Rental Agency who paid the RV Park and will collect from the renters when they return the RV.

Trespassing: A local business reported an individual tried to steal items but was caught and made to pay for them but then refused to leave the property. Officers trespassed the subject from the property.

Welfare Check: Caller requested officers contact her son and his father, she hasn’t heard from her son in a couple of days. Officers made contact, the son called his mother, everything was fine.

Animal Cruelty: Complainant called to report a grey pit bull had come into their yard where it collapsed. Caller was concerned about injuries it appeared to have and statements from others in the area about it being a dog fighting dog. Someone had come and retrieved the dog and left the area. CSO and officers located the dog, spoke with the owner and concluded it was an old dog with old injuries but not a fighting dog.


Stop FI: While on patrol an officer stopped with an individual who appeared intoxicated. After speaking with the individual the officer concluded that they were not too intoxicated to not be able to care for themselves and that they were just doing a walkabout enjoying the night.

911 Hang Up: Dispatch received a 911 hang up from a local hotel. Officers responded, walked around the property and through the buildings not finding anything out of the ordinary.

Possible Drunk Driver: Officers responded to a report of a possible drunk driver. The caller stated the vehicle had been swerving all over the road for a long period of time. Upon contact with the driver, they concluded there was no impairment, the driver admitted to be a notoriously bad driver.

Open Door: Caller reported the front door of a local business was unlocked. Officers walked through the building, everything appeared normal, door was secured.

Citizen Contact: An officer spoke with some individuals who had questions about Valdez.

DUI: Felipe Sanchez, DOB 1/20/1969, of Valdez was arrested for DUI.

BrAC .221

Traffic Complaint: Caller reported an individual is again shaking their walking stick at vehicles. Individual was contacted and told to knock it off.

Barking Dog: Complainant reported a barking dog, barking all morning for hours. CSO responded and told the owner to put the dog inside and reminded her of the noise ordinance for barking dogs.

Agency Assist: Officers responded to a report of a possible electrical fire at a local RV Park. Fire personnel arrived on scene and deemed there was no fire just a smell of electrical.

Bear Incident: While on patrol, the CSO came upon a brown bear sow and cubs, also with 2 individuals. The bears left the area along with the people.

Traffic Complaint: Caller reported a motor home sitting unoccupied in the turn lane of Airport Rd and Richardson Hwy. Officer arrived and found the driver retuning with gas. The officer stayed on scene until the driver could get the vehicle started and moved.

Alarm-Fire: Officers responded to a fire alarm at a local business. Fire personnel arrived on scene, after investigation it appeared the showers were too hot and caused the fire alarm to activate.

Traffic Hazard: While on patrol, an officer stopped with a motor home that was stopped on the highway viewing a bear. The vehicle moved on.

Violate Conditions of Release: While on patrol, an officer noticed two individuals inside the same business, one individual has a no contact order with the other individual. After speaking with others inside the business, the officer found that the two had not had contact therefore no violation had taken place.

6-7-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the Mountain Sky Hotel. The fire alarm was accidently activated.

6-7-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene.

6-8-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical attention. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

6-9-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the Civic Center. The dispatch was cancelled enroute due to the alarm being accidently activated.

6-12-16 Valdez Fire Department investigated some smoke showing. After investigation of the area, the called was considered a false alarm.

6-12-16 Valdez Fire Department investigated a possible electrical fire in a RV parked at Bear Paw RV Park. The fire was extinguished.

6-12-16 Valdez Fire Department investigated a fire alarm at the Valdez Man Camp. The alarm was reset, no fire in the area.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 123


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