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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

And the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Curfew: At approximately 00:34 a caller reported that a group of kids were outside her home. Officers contacted several juveniles and turned them over to their parents.

Fish & Wildlife: An individual reported that an eagle had fallen into the fish collection area and was drowning. The eagle was successfully removed and was fine.

Lost Property: A black wallet with snaps was reported lost somewhere in the Valdez area. If found, please return to the Police Department.

Juvenile: Valdez dispatch received a call from a juvenile reporting that he was scared playing his play station game and a hacker is threatening to SWAT him. Officers contacted the parents.

Motor Vehicle Accident-Damage: A caller reported that his vehicle was hit by another car and he was having issues getting the suspect driver to share insurance information with him. Officers contacted the suspect driver and determined that she was not insured and was subsequently issued a citation.

Drinking Prohibited: VPD received several complaints that people were consuming alcoholic beverages down at the dock point picnic area. As a reminder to all, the Dock Point Area is off limits for this type of beverage.

Provisional License Violation: A juvenile was issued a warning for Driving in Violation of a Provisional License.

Arrested: Lyudmila Gorbachuk, DOB: 9/12/90 of Washington was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Her breath alcohol at the time of the stop was .124


Probation Assistance: Officers assisted the Probation officer to conduct home visits with those that are on felony probation and live in Valdez. They visited 9 homes.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Damage: Dispatch received a report that a side dump had overturned on Dump Road and was leaking diesel. Both Fire and DEC agents responded to assist at the scene.

Fraud: VPD received two separate calls in regards to an individual wanting credit card information from them. In both cases, neither party gave any information out.

Noise Disturbance: A caller reported that her neighbor was playing their music too loud. Attempts were made to contact the suspect but were unsuccessful.

Noise Disturbance: Another call was received involving the same parties as earlier. Contact was made with the individual and the information was also passed onto the Manager.

Fireworks: Multiple calls were received that someone was shooting off fireworks at the small boat harbor. A VPD officer along with another individual made contact with several boat owners to let them know that fireworks were not allowed at anytime, 365 days out of the year, at the harbor.


Provisional License Violation: Officers contacted the same individual as a prior complaint and determined that he was again violating his provisional license. He was given a summons for Provisional Violation. He was also given a curfew warning along with the other juvenile with him.

Found Property: Some lawn equipment was found down by the city dock and turned into VPD. If this is yours, please call VPD dispatch with additional descriptors to claim.

Found Property: A red, yellow and black GT racing bike was found by Ruth Pond. If this is yours, please call VPD dispatch with additional descriptors to claim.

Bear Incident: An orphaned black bear cub was flown to another facility.

Arrested: Ronald Wilkinson, DOB: 9/23/74 of Valdez was arrested, after being pulled over on a routine traffic stop, for Driving Under the Influence when he failed the Field Sobriety Tests. His breath alcohol content at the time of the stop was .119


Assault Information: VPD received a call from a woman reporting that her friend pulled her hair and had left. Officers made contact with the caller, who stated she was ok, but would not give officers anymore information. No arrest was made.

Fraud: A Valdez resident reported that someone had written three checks on her account that were not authorized. Under investigation.

Assault: A Valdez man reported that he was assaulted. This case is under investigation.

Intoxicated Pedestrians: Two females were reported to be highly intoxicated and looked to be getting into a heated argument. Upon arrival of the officer, both subjects fled into the resident.

Safety Concern: VPD received several calls concerning construction equipment parked and obstructing the view of oncoming traffic. Dispatch made contact with owners and the equipment was removed.

Harassment/Violating DVPO: A caller reported that she was being continually harassed via phone by an individual that she had a Protective Order against. The caller refused to share her cell phone log with the officers as evidence of the violation. No arrests were made.

Noise Disturbance: Ongoing reports regarding the use of heavy equipment being used after 10pm. Officers did not locate anyone when they arrived in the area.

Theft: VPD received a report that an individual had bought over $1,000 worth of groceries but their credit card was declined. In individual left the store. Officers located the subject. The suspect said he knew the card was not good and was getting a different one. He then went back and paid for the groceries.


Fish & Game: A caller reported that they had hit a moose. The moose was later harvested by local charity.

Assault: VPD received a call from out of state reporting that their friend in Valdez was fighting with her boyfriend. VPD was able to locate the friend and assist her to the airport. No assault was validated.

Camping: An individual was found to be camping at dock point and using electrical power from the restroom. The suspect had hidden the electrical cord under brush. The subject was advised to move on, to which he did.

Fireworks: A group of people having a BBQ at dock point were contacted for fireworks. They were informed they could not set off fireworks until 7/3/16 after 2200 hours.

Motor Vehicle Accident: A caller reported that his vehicle was hit by a rouge skateboard. The owner of the skateboard was a juvenile. The parent was contacted and insurance information was exchanged.

Criminal Mischief: A caller reported that someone had spread feces all over the mens bathroom by the tennis court. The womens toilet was also reported to be clogged with pop cans. Officers made contact with several juveniles and their parents in regards to this incident.

Camping: The community service officer made contact with folks camping in unauthorized areas. They pointed out alternatives for them.

Traffic Complaint: A caller reported that vehicles are continually speeding down Atigun Drive and requested extra patrols.


Fireworks: VPD received a report that an individual at the bar shot a firework towards the RV Park. Officers made contact with the suspect and issued him a citation for the fireworks violation.

Intoxicated Pedestrians: A caller reported that two male subject who seemed intoxicated were being loud and obnoxious. The caller further stated that the suspects were possibly fighting, then one ran away and the other passed out. Officers made contact with the one who had passed out to ensure of his welfare. Officers took his truck keys for safekeeping when he indicated that he would just sleep in his truck. Officers did not locate the second person. The man stopped by dispatch the following day to pick up his keys.

Arrest: A caller reported that her friend had pulled her hair and hit her. Officers responded to the incident and after investigating arrested Vanessa Dahl, DOB: 4/14/94 of Anchorage for Domestic Violence Assault 4th Degree and Violating Conditions of Release for criminal case out of Anchorage. She is currently held at the Valdez Jail until $1,000 cash bail can be made.

Arrest: After receiving a call from Osvaldo Carrillo challenging officers to come arrest him, officers made contact with Mr. Carrillo behind the station. It was known that Mr. Carrillo was out on bail from a prior case and should have been in the custody with his third party. He was arrested and held until arraignment the following day. He was released to his third party.

Harassment: An individual reported that she was being harassed verbally by a tourist. Officers made contact with the suspect, who was upset that the caller did not use her turn signal when she turned into a parking spot. Officers explained that yelling obscenities was not the answer.


Animal Impound: A Rottweiler was found running at large and was impounded.

Harassment: A man reported that his ex-girlfriend had followed him to Valdez and was harassing him. He was not allowed to have contact with her, but she would not leave him alone. Officers made contact with the complainant as well as the suspect and witnesses. The ex-girlfriend ended up leaving the area.

Trespassing: Dispatch received a report that a male had climbed through a window and was now passed out in the lobby of a local establishment. Officers made contact with the man and gave him a trespass warning as he left the property.

Arrest: Half hour after receiving the first complaint, VPD received another report that the man had returned and had tried to get into another window. He then hid behind a bush when confronted. Officers responded back to the location. Roberto Rendon, DOB: 5/21/92, of Washington, was arrested for Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree and transported to the Valdez Jail. He was held until sober enough to be released.

Animal Impound: A Chihuahua was impounded after being found near an RV park. The owner of the dog was known to animal control, and a note left on their vehicle advising on the status of their dog. The owners later retrieved the dog from the shelter.

Trespassing: VPD received a report that three juveniles had entered an unoccupied trailer. The juveniles subjects had left before the officer arrived on scene.

Motor Vehicle Accident – A caller reported an accident at a local establishment. Par forms were issued to those involved.

Welfare Check: A baby was reported to be left in a vehicle at the store. An officer responded, but could not locate the vehicle.

Fireworks: At 1953 hours, boat occupants were reported to be shooting off fireworks from their vessels on B dock. An officer reminded them that no fireworks are allowed at the harbor.

Camping: The Community Service Officer contacted two groups of people in a no camping area and gave them alternate areas to camp. They complied.

Fireworks: Between the hours of 1930 (July 3) – 0031 hours (July 4), dispatch received 16 fireworks related calls.

6-28-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle accident with possible hazardous material. Absorbent was placed at the scene and collected.

6-29-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the State Court House. The alarm was reset, no fire was found.

6-29-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fuel spill. The fuel evaporated prior to arrival.

6-30-16 Valdez EMS responded to a public assistance request.

6-30-16 Valdez EMS responded to a medical request from the Coast Guard dock. The patient was treated at the scene.

7-1-16 Valdez Fire responded to alarm activation at Silver Bay Seafood’s. After investigation of the area, the alarm was reset with no fire being located.

7-2-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to a small fire burning on Dayville Road. The fire was extinguished upon arrival.

7-3-16 Valdez EMS responded to a young child needing medical attention. The call was cancelled enroute.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 188


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