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Agendas for council and commission meetings get new format

Information is on the same page but have a different look and feel clerk says


Image courtesy City Clerk's Office

Image courtesy City Clerk's Office

People who use the city's website to access information on city council and commission meetings will see a big change to the format.

Before meetings for city council and the city's various commissions, an agenda and information about the topics are published on the city's website.

A new format is now being used on the city's website to access the information, and city officials are looking for public feedback on how it is working for the public.

"Once people get used to it, it should be okay," Allie Ferko, the deputy city clerk, said Tuesday morning.

The process to see agendas for upcoming meetings or view past meetings will be a little different.

Ferko said that anyone that finds a bug in the new system or needs help accessing the information contact her office to give feedback or even ask for assistance.

Meetings occurring after July 1 will be posted using the new format. Meetings that were held before June 30 are archived in the older format.

Ferko issued a press release last week explaining how to use the new system and how to access the old version. Only meetings that occurred before July 1 are available in the old format.

To view the packet online:

1 Click on the web agenda link –

2 Find the agenda you want to view on calendar list.

3 You can now do one of two options – Click meeting details or click agenda.

Image courtesy City Clerk's Office

To view agendas for meetings that were held before July 1, click on the menu item "Archived Agendas and Minutes."

4 Meeting details will take you to a list view of all the agenda items. Click on the file number hyperlink to view the agenda item and its attachments. Click on the reports tab (middle of screen) to see different PDF versions of the agenda item. Or the text tab (middle of screen) to see a brief synopsis of the agenda item.

5 If you click the Agenda hyperlink, it will take you to the more traditional agenda set-up in a fully linked PDF file. Then you can click on the agenda items to view the legislative text and attachments similar to the meeting details option above.

"This is our first agenda packet using the our new Granicus Legislative Management software, so your patience is appreciated as we work out the kinks in the system," she said. "If you have any suggestions about how to make the web agenda easier to use, please let me know."


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