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Silvers in port just in time for Women's Derby Saturday

Halibut abundant while shoreline silver fishing brings big successes


Anthony Cunningham of Valdez caught a 14.28 pound derby-winning silver salmon from shore Saturday, taking home a first-place daily prize and as of Tuesday morning was in first-place overall in the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby. Stephanie Wenner of Valdez took second, with a 13.68 pounder also caught from shore. Michael Kropushek of Fort Wainwright caught a 13.56 pound silver August 3 aboard the


Valdez Fish cutter Pal Olson said he cleaned only four silver salmon last week but his count last Friday afternoon was up to 48.

"It seems the majority of fish we're seeing are being caught from shore with pixies and spinners," Olson said. "They're inside the harbor, over at Allison Point, right out front of Mineral Creek. They are catching them at Wessels Reef, Knowles Head, Patton Bay and Some at Good. Not many at Bligh yet."

The silvers are returning just in time for the women's derby this Saturday. Last year, Katrina Church Chmielowski of Glennallen won the derby and was crowned Queen of the Silver Salmon Sisterhood with a 14.24 pound silver salmon.

Registration for the Women's Derby is currently underway upstairs in the new Prospector building on Egan Drive. The theme this year is "Country Western" and there will be a group costume contest Friday. Live music is planned for Saturday and derby organizers are expecting another exciting year. More information is also available online at

Photo courtesy Valdez Fish Derbies

Anthony Cunningham caught this 14.28 pound derby-winning silver salmon from the shore Saturday.

Travis Conway of Fairbanks was just shy of breaking into the overall standings with a 165.2 pound halibut he caught aboard the "Lady Luck" August 5. Conway won the weekly first-place prize and Daniel Rady of Fairbanks took second place for the week with a 154.3 pound halibut he caught August 1 aboard the "Bold Eagle."

Some very nice fish have come into Port Valdez and won weekly first and second place prizes, but no one has been able to break into the overall top standings. David Jamison of Fairbanks is still in the lead in the Valdez Halibut Derby with a 253 halibut he caught May 29. Kim Steiger of Westchester, Penn. is currently in second place with the 211.0 pound halibut she caught July 5. Jeff Leaverton of Madisonville, Louisiana is hanging onto third place with a 174.4 pound halibut he caught June 16.


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