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Gunshot lands Copper Center man behind bars last week

Friends don't let friends drive drunk - or shoot at them when keys taken


A Copper Center man landed in hot water last week when he allegedly used a hand gun to get his vehicle keys back from friends who had taken them to prevent him from driving while intoxicated.

Last Thursday, Valdez police arrested Marvin Noffke, age 74, who is charged with two misdemeanors, DUI and misconduct involving a weapon, and a single felony charge of third degree assault.

Noffke, of Copper Center, was later released on his own recognizance.

Noffke came to police attention just after 10 p.m. Thursday night when dispatch received a report that Noffke had shot at the caller after he and a friend had taken Noffke's keys away from him to prevent him from driving after drinking alcohol.

Court documents state that the two witnesses had been drinking with Noffke before the incident.

"Noffke reportedly decided he wanted to drive back to his residence at mile 81 of the Richardson Highway," court documents say.

The friends did not want Noffke to drive after drinking so " they took his vehicle keys away from him," charging documents said. "Noffke reportedly used a spare set of keys to start the vehicle and was in the process of moving it when (friends) confronted him about driving drunk."

The spare keys were taken from the ignition and Noffke was left sitting in the vehicle.

"Noffke reportedly became angry, produced a handgun and fired a shot during a confrontation..." charging documents allege.

The friend who had taken the second set of keys then attempted to "diffuse the confrontation" and "fired a "cracker'' round from his shotgun that he retrieved from his shop.

No injuries or property damage was reported in the charging documents.

Police say they seized a Colt .22 caliber revolver that was loaded with five .22 magnum rounds and one expended cartridge.

Noffke was later charged with felony assault due to the police allegation that "Marvin Noffke recklessly caused fear of immanent serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument by "leveling" his firearm" in the direction of the victim.


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