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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Property Damage: A caller reported that during the high winds a trampoline hit her vehicles causing damage. An Officer responded to the area to investigate.

Found Property: A caller reported that a trampoline blew into her yard; they tied it down to secure it from going any further.

ATV: While on patrol an Officer stopped an ATV and advised the driver of the rules of the roadway.

Trespassing: A caller requested an individual to be trespassed from their residence. The individual was informed of the trespass.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an employee who failed to show up for work. An Officer made contact with the individual who was fine.

Lost Property: An individual reported her ID and credit cards were lost in the Valdez area. If found, please turn into the Valdez Police Department.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Damage: A caller reported that his truck was hit and requested officer assistance. Officers responded to the area and a citation for failure to yield was issued to the at fault driver.

Animal Impound: The Harbormaster called to report a loose dog that they had tied up and requested the Animal Control Officer to pick it up. The Community Safety Officer responded to the area but the owner had claimed the dog before he could get there.

Domestic Assault: VPD dispatch received a report that someone’s ear had been bitten off, but did not know who had done it. Officers responded to the scene. Subsequently, Katrina Trefon, DOB: 4/21/1987 of Valdez was arrested for Assault 3rd degree. She is being held at the Valdez Jail on $10,000 bail plus court approved third party.

Lost Property: A caller reported that he lost his wallet about 2 weeks ago and his ID was in it. If you have found a wallet please turn it into the Valdez Police Department.

Lost Property: A caller reported he left his wallet on the juke box and someone took it. He called back later to report it had been found outside of Safeway but the cash was missing.


Disturbance Noise: A caller from Allison point reported that a group was making noise after midnight and requested an Officer. Officers responded to the area and advised the campers of the noise ordinance. The group agreed to quiet down for the night.

Fireworks: A person called in to complain about fireworks. An Officer responded to the area but could not find anyone shooting fireworks.

Domestic Assault: An Officer was requested for a person who was drunk and disorderly. Officers responded and arrested Rose Chilligan, DOB: 11/23/82, of Chugiak for Assault 4th Degree. Ms. Chilligan was also arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Anchorage for Fail to Appear on a DUI charge.

Burglary - Residential: A report of a theft from a residence on the water front was received. An Officer responded to investigate. This case is currently under investigation.

Lost Property: A caller reported that she lost her address book with all of her information in it. If found please turn into the Valdez Police Department.

Disturbance Noise: A caller reported a car alarm and yelling coming from the area. Officers responded to the area but were unable to locate any noise.

Open Door: A caller reported a back door open at a local business. An Officer responded to the business and discovered the side door open. The Officer walked thru the building. Everything appeared to be fine and he was able to secure the door.


Fraud: An individual came to the Police Department to talk to an Officer about fraud.

Found Property: An Iphone was found on N Harbor drive and turned into the Valdez Police Department. The owner was located and the phone was released.

Animal Noise: A report of a couple of cats making a lot of noise was called into the Valdez Police Department. The Animal Control Officer responded to the area, one of the cats had run off and the other would not come near enough to be caught.

Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported a person driving over the center line, fog line and possibly drunk. Officers responded and conducted a stop on the suspect vehicle. The officer determined that no alcohol was involved, but a warning was issued for expired registration.

Disturbance Noise: A noise complaint was called in. An Officer responded to the area and spoke with construction workers who where cooking and making noise. He informed them of the noise ordinance.

Suspicious Person: A caller reported a man outside of her residence and requested an Officer. An Officer responded, but did not find anyone outside of the residence.


Welfare Check: VPD received a request to conduct a welfare check on an individual who seemed disoriented. Officers made contact with the individual who indicated that he was fine.

Violation Stalking Order: VPD officers are investigating the report of an individual who was reported to be violating a Stalking Order by making threats against the petitioner.

Possible Drunk Driver: VPD dispatch received a report that an outbound maroon SUV was swerving all over the road. Officers located the vehicle and made contact with the occupants. The driver was pre-occupied with the scenery and was negative for any signs of intoxication.

Theft: An individual was caught on camera taking a bicycle and a lunch box from in front of the Middle School. If you anyone has any information about this crime, please call VPD @ 835-4560.

Protective Order Service: A domestic violence protective order was served.

Traffic Complaint: A complaint was received concerning a vehicle that was “burning rubber” and currently headed down Robe River Drive towards the high school. The vehicle was described as a grey Chevy Silverado with a male driver.

Welfare Check: A caller reported that two young children were left in a car without an adult for at least 20 minutes. The vehicle was gone when officers arrived.


Disturbance: VPD received a report that a man was standing outside the grocery store yelling at everyone. Officers made contact with the man who stated that he just wanted to buy some cigarettes. Officers informed him where he could buy some other than the store that was closed for the night.

Disturbance: VPD officers were called to a local establishment for the report of two individuals who were intoxicated and trying to start a fight. Officers gave the two men warnings to stop their behavior and move on. The individuals decided that was not what they wanted to do. Both men were arrested on the charge of Drunk on Licensed Premises and transported to the Valdez Jail. Both individuals were not cooperative upon their arrival and were kept until they were sober enough to be released. Arrested: Joseph Hope, DOB: 01/01/82 of Anchorage and Mario Soto, DOB: 11/12/87 of California.

Found Property: Cash was found in the area of the park strip. Call VPD with complete identifiers to claim.

Lost Property: Dispatch received a report that an individual had lost their license plates to their new vehicle. If found return to VPD.

Welfare Check: A caller reported that a man was lying down in the parking lot of a local business. Officers made contacted with the man and suggested he find a safer location to rest.

Citizen Contact: While on patrol an officer noticed what looked like smoke by the skate park. Officers made contact with an individual who had lost control of his side-by-side and ended up on its side. The driver reported he was turning sharply with a heavy load on the roof, which caused the incident. The smoke was dust created by the side-by-side.


Serve Time: Carrie Mercier of Valdez checked into the Valdez to serve a three day sentence on a DUI conviction.

Found Property: An orange bike was found near the “tree house” park on the park strip. If this is your bike, please claim at VPD.

Suspicious Person: A man was reported to be wandering around N. Harbor drive @ 3:30 in the morning with a plastic bag & possibly a knife. Officers made contact with the individual who had been contacted on several other calls prior. The man was fine an using the bag as a rain cover.

Lost Property: A wallet was reported lost. It is a black tri-fold with identification and other items. If you have found this item, please drop it off at the Police Department.

DUI: At approximately 7pm, VPD dispatch received several calls about a vehicle that had hit two buildings on Egan Drive and left. Officers made contact with a vehicle on Hazelet Ave that matched the description given by callers and had extensive damage to the passenger side of the vehicle as well as to the front drivers side. After conducting field sobriety tests, officers arrested Avril Rhoades, DOB: 4/23/95 of Valdez for Driving under the Influence, Reckless Driving and Fail to Give Immediate Notice of an MVA. Ms. Rhoades provided a Breath Alcohol of .172 on the datamaster. She will be held at the Valdez Jail pending bail or arraignment.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 173


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