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Man treated after his ear was nearly bitten off by partner

Defendant charged with felony domestic assault after bloody incident


A Valdez women is behind bars after police allege she bit off a man's ear.

Valdez police arrested Katrina Trefon, age 29, on August 29 on a single felony count of domestic assault after the defendant allegedly called police dispatch to report that a man's ear had been bitten off.

Charging documents filed by Valdez police officer Jamie Major say he and Lt. Dan Mott arrived at the scene of the crime shortly after receiving the call at 10:39 p.m.

The documents state that police found Trefon holding a rag up to the victim's right ear. Police say there was significant bleeding "and had a large amount of flesh and tissue torn away"

The described injury could be described as gruesome.

"The left side of his face appeared to have been scratched starting near his eye," the charging documents say. "it also appeared that he had a piece of skin and tissue missing from the left side of his nose which was consistent with a scratch."

Police state he also an a swollen lip which also had a fresh cut and was bleeding. The victim also had what appeared to be a black eye from a previous altercation.

"During the investigation, Trefon admitted that she had just used marijuana," police said. " she also admitted to have used methamphetamine in the past week or two."

Major also said he smelled alcohol on Trefon.

"initially both denied that anything happened," the documents state.

Trefon told police that she was alone in the kitchen when she heard the victim yell and "his ear was hurt."

She later said that the victim had been tickling her and would not stop "so she bit his ear and spat the piece of flesh out of her mouth."

Trefon was in police custody last Thursday during a brief court appearance for probation violations.


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