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(Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations

and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.)


Bear Incident: A bear sow with cubs was reported on private property on Homestead Road. They had moved on and left the premises before Officers arrived.

Domestic Assault: A caller reported that she had been involved in an altercation with her boyfriend and during a physical scuffle had been wounded on the hand with a knife. The victim declined medical attention.

Arrested: David Lawrence Bucci, DOB 10/12/1961, of South Carolina, was arrested and charged with Domestic Violence Assault 4th Degree and Driving under the Influence. Mr. Bucci admitted to consuming alcohol earlier in the evening before operating the vehicle. He registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.089 at the time of his arrest.

Bear Incident: A bear was reported getting into garbage, but Officers did not locate a bear or any sign of disturbed garbage when they patrolled the area.

Suspicious Vehicle: A caller reported two individuals parked in an off-limits area and using binoculars to look at the refinery plant. An employee contacted occupants of the vehicle who had British accents to tell them to move on which they quickly did so.

Violate Conditions of Release: A report of a possible violation of conditions of release was received by the VPD. Officers investigated the claim, but no charges were filed due to a lack of credible evidence.

Motor Vehicle Accident – Damages: While at Safeway, an Officer was approached regarding a motor vehicle accident that has just occurred in the parking lot. As the accident occurred on private property, Officers advised the parties to exchange information, provided both with Participant Accident Reports and a case number.

Animal Aggression: A loose dog was reported as acting aggressively towards two young children by repeatedly lunging towards them. Once the owner arrived he has a difficult time controlling the animal. The Animal Control Officer interviewed all parties and issued a citation for Animal at Large to the owner of the dog.

Serve Time: Christopher Levi Harnden was transported to the Valdez Jail while in custody for a sentencing hearing on his guilty conviction of of DV Assault 1st Degree. He was sentenced to serve 7 years with 2 years suspended with credit for time already served.

Child Abuse: Officers investigated a report of possible child abuse but found the allegations unfounded after investigating the facts.

Arrested: Alec Irving Smith, DOB 10/15/1992, of Wasilla, was arrested on a Valdez Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for Calendar Call for the original charge of Driving without a Valid License. Mr. Smith was also charged with Driving without a License at the time of his bench warrant arrest after being found operating a vehicle without a license.


Bear Incident: A caller reported witnessing a vehicle clip a black bear cub by the salmon turnaround. The injured bear moved off into the trees, but the caller could still hear it making sounds of distress. Responding Officers reported one of the cubs was definitely injured, but they had moved off into the woods.

Family Issues: Officers responded to assist with some individuals having family issues and spoke with all parties.

Traffic Hazard: A van parked on the street was reported as causing a hazard because it was blocking the view for vehicles turning onto that street. Officers contacted the owner of the vehicle who agreed to move it.

Animal at Large: A black Labrador dog was reported running at large in the vicinity of Dylan Drive. The Animal Control Officer was unable to locate the animal.

Traffic Hazard: A vehicle with heavy smoke coming from the engine compartment was reported heading outbound. The vehicle was pulled over when Officers located it and the smoke had dissipated.

Fish and Game: A concerned caller reported seeing a sea lion climb over the fenced in fish area at the hatchery and requested an Officer check to make sure it wasn’t still trapped in case a bear got in and ate it. Responding Officers did not locate a sea lion or a recently deceased one in the vicinity.


Bear Incident: Officers chased a bear away from a local residence after the owner reported it was trying to get into their garbage.

Public Service: Officers conducted a presentation about forensic science to a class at Valdez High School.

Bear Incident: Three black bears were reported causing a ruckus at the cemetery by knocking over gravestones and strewing about various grave offerings. The Animal Control Officer responded and the bears moved off towards the river.

Harassment: A local business owner requested Officers trespass an individual from the premises following some incidents of that individual harassing an employee.

Animal Neglect: The Animal Control Officer investigated a report of animal neglect that stemmed from a report of dogs being tethered out in the rain without any protection from the elements.


Criminal Mischief: A caller reported a local man acting aggressively and tearing down signs in the vicinity of Safeway. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the suspect or any downed signage in the area.

Theft – Property: Two caribou antlers were reported stolen from a residential porch sometime in the past 3 days. If found, please contact the VPD.

Arrested: Alain Michal Stahley, DOB 05/03/1996, of Valdez, turned himself in to the Valdez Police Department after being notified that he had an outstanding misdemeanor Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear for calendar call.

Animal at Large: Officers were unable to catch dog running at large in the vicinity of the Animal Shelter.


Open Door: During a routine patrol, Officers noticed an open door on a business long after regular business hours. Officers checked the area, determined there has been no foul play and secured the door before leaving the premises.

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on a severely intoxicated individual after receiving an incoherent phone call from him. Officers located the individual who was fine, not intoxicated and at work.

Camping: Officers contacted the occupant of a tent illegally camping by the East Mineral Creek Dike. The individual agreed to relocate.

Traffic Hazard: Officers removed debris from the Richardson Highway that was a potential traffic hazard.

Animal Impound: A 2-3 month old Blue Heeler puppy was brought to the Animal Shelter after being found at large in the Alpine Woods vicinity. The puppy was later reunited with its owner.

Fraud: A caller reported receiving an email from her supervisor, but after receiving a second email demanding a monetary transfer, she realized it was an attempted scam.

Found Property: Two jackets were turned into the VPD after being unclaimed following the rescue that occurred on September 10th at Worthington Glacier. Please call the VPD with identifiers to claim.

Theft – Property: A caller reported witnessing a man coming out from behind Safeway carrying multiple packages of what appeared to be stolen meat in his arms. Officers contacted the suspect at his residence just as he was sitting down to dinner and after examining the packages, determined a theft had not occurred. The packages of meat were all very much past their expiration dates and had been retrieved from the dumpster.

Neighbor Issues: A complainant reported that someone was in his apartment throwing all of his personal items out. Further questioning revealed there were some landlord/tenant issues going on. Officers responded and separated the disgruntled parties for the evening.


Found Property: A caller reported finding a toolbox and a bucket filled with some miscellaneous tools near Sawmill Drive. The property was later returned to the owner.

Disorderly: Officers contacted two individuals after receiving a report of a man pounding on the door of a residence in an alarming manner. Officers determined they were causing a disturbance and there were no signs of any physical altercation.

Arrested: David Lawrence Bucci, DOB 10/12/1961, of South Carolina, was arrested and charged with Violating a Domestic Violence Restraining Order. He was also cited for Violating Conditions of Release on prior charges of Driving under the Influence and DV Assault 4th Degree.

Weapons – Other: VPD dispatch received a report of an accidental discharge of a firearm. The caller reported that he had failed to check the chamber of the rifle before cleaning it and unintentionally fired one round into the roof of his garage. There were no injuries.

Possible Drunk Driver: Officers investigated the report of a possible drunk driver after a caller witnessed a white truck drive into a log barricade then drive off leaving the back bumper and license plate at the scene. Officers were later able to locate the driver and determined there was no alcohol involved, the driver intentionally drove over the barricade in an attempt to impress his female passenger.

Bear Incident: A caller reported an unknown animal had run out in front of his truck and been struck right by Crooked Creek on the Richardson Highway. Officers responded and subsequently found a deceased black bear which was then transported to the baler for disposal.


Theft – Vehicle: A 2015 Subaru Forester was reported stolen while it was parked in front of a local church, but was quickly found parked behind the building.

Civil Standby: Officers assisted an individual involved in a domestic violence protective order retrieve personal property from a residence.

9-20-16 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac request.

9-20-16 Valdez Fire Department proceeded with a safety inspection of the Civic Center.

9-20-16 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac request.

9-21-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual needing medical assistance.

9-22-16 Valdez Fire responded to a possible chimney fire. After investigation of the area, no chimney fire was found.

9-22-16 Valdez Fire Department assisted with the power lines down on the Richardson Highway at the 10 mile are.

9-22-16 Valdez Fire Department responded to fire alarm activation at Silver Bay Seafood’s. Enroute they were notified that this was a false alarm. Silver Bay maintenance was working on winterizing the buildings.

9-22-16 Valdez Fire responded to a possible CO detector that was activated. The area was ventilated and the fumes dissipated.

9-23-16 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac request.

9-23-16 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac request.

9-24-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual who had fallen and needed medical assistance. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.

9-24-16 Valdez EMS responded to an individual who needed medical assistance.

Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 113


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